The Energetic Wisdom

of the Lunar and Solar Eclipses of August

took place as scheduled on Saturday, July 29th, 2017.


*Available for one week only until August 5th*




Michael Lennox gave us another deeply meaningful astrology forecast concerning two particularly significant events that are coming in August:

  • August 7 – Partial Lunar Eclipse
  • August 21 – Full Solar Eclipse

All eclipses are important but these are of a higher order. Michael walked us through the Grand Fire Trine, the Nodes of the Moon that create the eclipses, and how to prepare for the HUGE energetic possibilities generated by them.


Michael has this ability to lift hearts because he:

  1. has done, and continues to do, his own deep soul explorations.
  2. engages in pristine daily spiritual practice.  
  3. is a deep student of not just astrology but also dreams, symbology, psychology, and the spiritual life—realizing that all systems are ONE.
  4. is a man of hope – he sees (and helps us see) the arc of creation leading to Oneness.
  5. speaks and lives from the heart – the 1 Heart.

If you are wondering how celestial events affect you, your life, and the energies surrounding you, please open your heart and enter the cosmos in the capable hands of Dr Michael Lennox.


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