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On Wednesday, August 3rd at 7:00pm Eastern – the 216th day of the year – I’m going to CELEBRATE the Divine Feminine with special guest, Christine Pensa. And you are invited!

The celebration includes:

  • Invocation to Sophia
  • Why the vibration of 2016 is so special
  • How I was initiated to become a container for the divine feminine
  • What it means to “embody” the divine feminine
  • What you receive and what you give when you embody the divine feminine
  • How you can open to become a conscious container and begin to express your own divine feminine beauty


There’s no charge.  You can register for the event by filling in the form at right, and you will receive the recording shortly after the event.



2016 – Year of the Double Divine Feminine.

Double because the numeric value of the year—216—is twice 108.

108 is the vibration of the Divine Feminine in Gematria, the classic numerology embedded in ancient Greek and Hebrew sacred texts.

Many names of the Divine Feminine carry the energetic vibration of 108 including:

Dove – totem of Venus and Aphrodite

Sophia – goddess of wisdom

Holy Spirit

Alpha and Omega


108 and 216 Appear Throughout the Universe:

Saturn orbital period is 10,800 days

Venus orbital distance is 108 million km

Earth distance from the Sun is 108 solar diameters

Moon distance from the Earth is 108 lunar diameters

Moon’s diameter is 2160 miles

Earth’s meridian circumference is 21,600 nautical miles


Many spiritual traditions recognize the sacred nature of 108 and 216:

There are 108 beads in a mala.

216 is the highest vibration number in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions.


On January 1st of 2016, I committed to EMBODY SOPHIA for 366 days. To support that sacred desire, every day I:

  • Speak my Invocation to Sophia
  • Soul write directly with Beloved Vibration of Sophia!
  • Pray my Prayer of the 8 Directions to awaken the living presence of Sophia in me
  • Stay in constant communication with Sophia throughout the day and night
  • Say my Prayer of a Strong Container at dinner
  • Thank Sophia for the day and ask her to teach me during the night


Has it made a difference?

Well, in addition to teaching all my Deep Soul Explorations and hosting The Soul Directed Life radio show, in the first 200 days of Embodying Sophia, I:

  • Completed the most mystical book I’ve ever written: Find Your Soul’s Purpose
  • Learned how to “write/receive” guided meditations in my sleep
  • Created the Mystical Fools Society
  • Four days after turning in the manuscript woke hearing, “Living at The Intersection of the Visible and The Invisible”—the key to the 5th and final book in the Your Soul Wants Five Things series
  • Developed the first Path of Personal Creativity that unites the principles of Creation Spirituality with the mystical power of Shamanic Practice to produce true alchemical transformation in your creative expression and in yourself
  • Partnered with Christine Pensa to design Express Your Soul’s Beauty in just 13 hours!


In short, I’m living and creating at Eternal Speed—and having the time of my life!


Celebrating the Divine Feminine

with my special guest, Christine Pensa Wednesday, August 3 7:00-8:00 PM Eastern (6pm Central, 5pm Mountain, 4pm Pacific, 1pm Hawaii, 8pm Atlantic)

Cost – $ 0 (a gift from Sophia and me!)



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