When Janet is invited to speak, the number one thing people want to know is how to get into the theta brain wave state while writing. It is the essential practice on which all her other courses and practices are based. And it activates a steady stream of divine guidance off the page as well.

After teaching the seven steps hundreds of times, Janet recorded this video. The video is 45 minutes long. It’s just like being in a highly focused, live, workshop with Janet. She explains all 7 steps in detail–including the science and story behind each one. Everything you need to know to pick up a pen and activate your inner divine Voice is on this video.

When you order, you will receive a link to the video. You can download it to your computer or watch it streaming.

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If you wish to purchase the video as part of a package, visit the shop and look at the many combinations of book, journal, Guide, CD, and video.


Here’s a little gift from me. When I recorded the Seven Steps to Get Into Theta video, I also recorded this short explanation of how different Writing Down Your Soul is from journaling. If you’ve ever wondered why soul writing ISN’T journaling, this brief video, “Three Things That Happen” is for you. Enjoy!