Margo Mastromarchi is a divinely-gifted angel guidance reader. She was personally called by an angel and began training with Doreen Virtue. Margo came to Janet’s very first Writing Down Your Soul class in 2008. When Janet heard that Margo works with angels, Janet invited her to St. Michael’s Shrine in Tarpon Springs. That was the beginning of a very beautiful friendship.

In late 2010 the angels told Margo they wanted to share guidance on group calls. They told her how to structure the event, the topic, the date, even the fee. The first live Angel Q&A event was “Intentions with the Angels” on January 11, 2011—the anniversary of Michael “crashing” Janet’s first book signing at Wings Bookstore.

Since then Janet and Margo have hosted several events, always at the angels’ request. Participants submit questions in advance and Janet writes the questions on white slips of paper, blesses them, and places them in a crystal bowl. During the call, Janet asks Michael to guide her hand to select a question. She reads a question aloud and Margo shares the Angels’ response. Participants are then invited to ask follow up questions. The events are usually around ninety minutes long.

These unusual events are profound experiences of love and guidance. You know—and you know that you know—that you are in the presence of the angels.

When you order an event, you will receive immediate access to listen or download to your computer. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter, so you know when the angels want to speak with us again!


Would you like to have the wisdom of the angels on all topics? Each recording is $33, so the full suite of seven 90 minute recordings would be $231. For the month of December, in honor of the theme “the call to listen to the angels” on The Soul-Directed Life, Margo and Janet are offering all seven recordings for $111, a savings of over 50%.




The Next LIVE Angel Q&A event will be at a date soon to be announced.The angels selected the date and the topic. They chose “Release.” They said January is the perfect month for this topic because we cannot begin a new year with all its aspirations and hopes unless we first release all that is holding us back from living a truly divinely-guided life. When you register, you will receive an email with the link to get your individual Maestro Conference call in information and instructions on how to send in questions for the angels.


Previously Recorded Angel Q&A events with Margo Mastromarchi and Janet Conner:

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