~ Forecast 2017 took place on January 6, 2017 as scheduled. ~


I’ve offered astrology forecasts for three years. I’ve had personal astrology readings with quite a few astrologers and receive newsletters from several. But as you will hear in this 2017 Forecast, Michael Lennox is in a class by himself. He is both very deep and very clear at the same time. When this forecast ended, my heart was wide open and my spirit totally recommitted to play my part in the cosmic dance to wholeness.




Michael has this ability to lift hearts because he:

  1. has done and continues to do his own deep soul explorations
  2. engages in pristine daily spiritual practice.  
  3. is a deep student of not just astrology but also dreams, symbology, psychology, and the spiritual life—realizing that all systems are ONE.
  4. is a man of hope – he sees (and helps us see) the arc of creation leading to Oneness.
  5. speaks and lives from the heart – the 1 Heart.

If you are wondering what happened in 2016 and what is continuing to happen in 2017, and – what really matters – the spiritual practice that will carry you not just through 2017 but through the new 9 year cycle all the way to 2025, please open your heart and enter the cosmos in the capable hands of Dr Michael Lennox.


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