Hello!  I’m delighted to meet you.


I’m Janet Conner – a writer, soul-community creator, poet, and spiritual field guide – but first and always, a deep soul explorer. Since I stumbled upon how to activate a divine Voice by slipping into the theta brain wave state while writing, I have dedicated myself to exploring and sharing what it means to live at the vibrant intersection of the visible and the invisible.

In my signature series, Your Soul Wants Five Things, readers and course members are gently guided as they embody the mystical practices of writing at the soul level, living sacred values, serving a divine purpose, expressing beauty, and creating fertile conditions that nourish an abundant life.

Every week, I am blessed to interview internationally renowned spiritual authors and mystics on my Unity Online radio show, The Soul-Directed Life. This year, we’re conducting a radical experiment. We’re not just talking about prayer, the show is a prayer: The 9 Containers of Love.

I live in as much silence and solitude as possible in Ozona, a tiny Florida town on the Gulf of Mexico.  I am currently writing Express Your Soul’s Beauty, the final book in the Your Soul Wants Five Things series, and nurturing several soul communities including: the 1 of Hearts, the Mystical Fools Society, and the communities exploring all my courses.  And, of course, I await the next adventures in The Mystic with an open heart and open hands.


My Beating Heart

The Sacred Desires of My Heart and Joys of My Life


Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said, “We are spiritual beings exploring a human experience.”  These are the divine-human explorations that set my heart on fire. If they set your heart on fire, too, let’s explore the fields of soul … together.











  • To have a full-sensory experience of life through my visible and invisible senses.
  • To have an intimate relationship with the Divine.
  • To experience the mystical life as normal, ordinary, expected.
  • To become a container strong enough to embody the Divine Feminine.
  • To open the creative gates and express my soul’s beauty to the full.
  • To nourish my whole being with deeply personal mystical practices.
  • To explore the mystics and mystical teachings of multiple traditions.
  • To explore the fields of the soul with soul communities that listen one another into being.