Janet Conner is a unique voice in the spiritual landscape. In her hands, the ordinary is extraordinary; the mystical, accessible; and all of life a dance with soul. Her story began as so many stories of transformation begin—with chaos, pain, and trauma.

In 1997, in the midst of a dangerous high-conflict divorce, Janet picked up a pen and begged for help. And help came. She had stumbled upon a simple way to activate the Voice of wisdom, guidance and grace that abides in all of us. Her landmark book, Writing Down Your Soul, connects readers to their own “extraordinary Voice within” and five years after publication is still a bestseller in its category.

Then in November 2009, Janet faced another trauma—bankruptcy. Once again, she picked up a pen and begged for help. Her second book, The Lotus and The Lily, shares the simple yet profound process she followed to crack the abundance code by linking the wisdom of the inner Voice with the surprising parallel teachings of Buddha and Jesus. In The Lotus and The Lily, Janet sheds radical new light on the “great paradox of prosperity” and guides readers to stop asking for anything and start creating the personal receptive conditions that nourish a truly bountiful life.

Soul Vows, the third book in her Your Soul Wants Five Things signature series, will be published by Conari Press April 2015. In Soul Vows: Gathering the Presence of the Divine In You, Through You, and As You, Janet transmutes the familiar concept of core values from a lovely way to live all the way to a mystical covenant of cosmic proportions.

Janet’s intent in all her books, courses, and events can be summed up in these words: living your soul-directed life.

Living—A soul-directed life is alive. It’s an action verb. It moves. It breathes. It’s not a destination; it’s a relationship—a constantly shifting and evolving relationship with you and your self, you and your soul, you and the Divine.

Your—The soul-directed life is your life. Janet offers processes and explorations that have helped thousands go deep into their souls to listen to the truth within, but the life you create is uniquely yours. No two souls are the same, so no two soul-directed lives are the same. The soul-directed life is your deeply personal exploration of integrity, authenticity, and joy.

Soul-directed—The soul-directed life is informed by the wisdom, desires, and questions that bubble up from your soul. It’s the exact opposite of the approval-directed, success-directed, appearance-directed and even addition-directed mode of living that our commercial world expects and rewards. What would happen if you stepped off the outwardly-directed treadmill and began to build an inwardly-directed life that nourishes and satisfies your soul?

Life—Everything—yourself included—is here to experience life and experience it to the full. And that fullness, as John O’Donohue says so eloquently, is something far greater than we realize: “Creation is always in the heave of growth and becoming and when a think journeys towards its own perfection or fullness of life, it is also secretly journeying towards the divine likeness.” (Beauty)

To help readers and listeners create that full, rich, divine life, Janet developed a unique thematic radio show, The Soul-Directed Life, broadcast live on Thursdays at 2pm eastern on UnityFM. Each month, she asks experts who have explored a particular soul call to share their experiences so listeners can begin to notice, recognize, and respond to similar calls bubbling up from their souls.

Janet and her work have been featured in global media including Daily Word, DailyOm, Unity Magazine, Science of Mind, Patheos, Beliefnet.com and more.

Janet teaches all five global telecourses in her trademark series Your Soul Wants Five Things, offering practical yet mystical spiritual tools that help people meet their soul’s primary desires:

1. connect with Source
2. commit to values
3. serve a purpose
4. express beauty
5. create life

In addition to her own courses, Janet has taught deep soul writing and other wisdom practices for The Open Center, En*theos Academy, Insight Events, Awaken Whole Life Center, and other venues.

She speaks at churches and events across the country. She is available for interviews, speaking engagements, workshops, and retreats.

Janet lives and writes in the tiny town of Ozona, Florida on the Gulf of Mexico.