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Each of Janet’s books has a companion journal designed to support a soul writer as she or he moves through the book. Her journals, My Soul Pages and My Life Pages, can both be used at any time, not just while you are reading the companion book.

My Life Pages is the culmination of seventeen years of experience with deep soul writing. It is the only journal with these features near and dear to soul writers’ hearts:

      • A box on the title page to record the date you began the journal and the day you finished—an incredible boon to soul writers when they’re searching for a particular time period


      • Page numbers! Hooray!


      • A personal welcome from the Voice that came through Janet’s pages


      • Review of the Seven Steps to Get into Theta while writing, so you can be certain you are soul writing not journaling


      • Tips on how to maximize the theta brain wave in the morning—the juice of a creative life


      • First ever CAPTURE PAGES—at last you can record all the juicy guidance and wisdom and grace that flowed through your daily writing in one place where you can return and remember over and over again:


Paradox Alerts—The Divine loves to hide in paradox. It takes time to mull over paradoxes, they don’t reveal themselves immediately. So jot them down here and return often.

Nourish Statements—As you are writing, a truth, a statement, a blessing might come through that you want to capture. Return here often. These are the prayers that fed the soul.

Wisdom of My Voice—Look at that adorable owl! It knows who you really are—the Beloved of The Divine! If you’ve been soul writing for awhile, you know those moments when the Voice is speaking with its particular warm and universal truth. These are the statements you whisper aloud as you’re drinking your water at the end of your writing session. Now you have a holy spot to capture them!


      • Quotes from sacred texts, masters, and mystics from all traditions partnered with voice-activating soul writing questions


      • Six gorgeous coloring-page sized symbols you can use as a meditative tool, an image at the center of your mandala, or just for fun. They were all designed by Sandy Cromp and thanks to her generosity, now they are yours.


      • A final gift, the mystical poem, “An Invitation from the Fire,” by Janet

To help you have the fullest experience of deep soul writing, Janet has created the following support tools:
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