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A letter from Janet Conner  •  June 7,  2016 •  janet@janetconner.com
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exploring the fields of the soul . . . together 

I love June. I love the summer sun and summer rain. I love the solstice, the lush green trees, the monarchs in the milkweed. I love the magenta blossoms my plumeria drops for me each night.I love June. Plus, it’s my birthday–68!
A perfect month for gifts.
Deep soul explorers,After a year of research…
A year pondering life and death and why we’re here…
A year walking the sacred spiral in my dreams…
A year writing the most mystical book of my life…

I turned in the manuscript for Find Your Soul’s Purpose.She’ll be out next March after the wise loving hands of my editor, copy editor, book designer, and art director massage her into her highest potential.

To celebrate, I gave myself a gift–the gift of time.

I weeded and planted butterfly and bee-loving flowers. I transplanted a plumeria with the most amazing colors I’ve ever seen. I watered my yard and my neighbor’s as we wait for the rain. And I tidied up my precious writing chapel, culling hundreds of books and lovingly rearranging the rest.

There’s one more thing I’d like to do to celebrate.
Give you a gift.

Everything I do and everything I am began on April 23, 1997, when I picked up a pen and wrote “Dear God,” across the top of a page for the first time.

Years ago, an astrologer told me that date would be the most important day of my life. The day came and went. Nothing happened. I went to bed disappointed.

Two years ago while teaching Writing Down Your Soul, I suddenly remembered what she said. I wondered… Could it be…? I opened my first journal. The date at the top of the page? April 23, 1997

This isn’t unique to me. The very first thing every soul wants is “to connect with Source.”

But I can only teach the Writing Down Your Soul course once a year. It’s always in January and February because it is the foundational practice on which Soul Vows, Find Your Soul’s Purpose, The Lotus and The Lily and all the courses are built.

But please don’t wait until next January.
The OnDemand version is available now.
And for the month of June, it’s on sale.

The Writing Down Your Soul OnDemand course hasEVERYTHING the live course has:

  • Thirty-Day Guide to Writing Down Your Soul PDF (sold separately for $30)
  • Seven Steps to Get Into Thetateaching video or audio (sold separately for $50)
  • Six 2-hour recorded sessions
  • Stories that are not in the book: The Mystery Man, How I met the Bermans and Compassionate Listening Project, the story behind the 5 categories of questions that work, and more
  • Follow Up Notes from each session with quotes I read in class

LIVEcourse—$ 201
OnDemand—$ 140
JUNE gift—–$  99

Writing Down Your Soul OnDemand

When you register, you will receive a response with the url of the OnDemand page with the PDF, Video, notes, and recordings.

All you have to do is give yourself the gift of time connect with Source in deep soul writing.

I have one more gift for you.

When you complete the course, send me an email. I’ll send you a special discount for any of my live classes this year.

A year before Writing Down Your Soul came out, I began signing my emails and newsletters in a special way. These many years later, the truth of this simple sentence still takes my breath away:

The connection is in your hands,


PS: Make note of the date you first address your divine Voice. It may be the most important day of your life.

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