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Abundant Life – The Lotus and the Lily On Demand Course


Product Description

The Lotus and the Lily On Demand Course

allows you to take as much time as you like on each module,

without any kind of structured format.

You can complete the exercises at your own pace, as you have time for them.


Members of The Lotus and the Lily On Demand receive all materials from the LIVE course:

~ Seven 2-hour class recordings with Janet Conner in mp3 format ~

~ Weekly follow-up notes from the live sessions ~

~ Information and stories that are not in the book ~



Manifest Your Abundant Life - LL On Demand

PLUS Access to the LIVE 2016 Telecourse Bonus Page!

Exclusive Angel Q & A Event for L&L Members Only with gifted angel consultant, Margo Mastromarchi ~

~ The Cosmic Nature of the Mandala video with Janet Conner ~

~ Spiraling Energies Video Series:  Synergy of Your Personal Year and the Universal Year with Emma Kupu Mitchell ~

~ Bonus EFT Tapping Sessions with extraordinary Emotional Freedom Technique expert, Christine Wheeler ~

~ Two Exclusive Exploration Sheets:  Look Back Chart (2008 to 2016) and Look Forward Chart (2017 to 2025) ~


In the On Demand course you will:

~ explore the numerology of the 1, the 9 and the 9-year cycle ~

~ calculate your personal year in relationship to the universal 1 year ~

~ activate the full array of your soul talents ~

~ explore the deeper side of intention as creation ~

~ uncover the gifts of the nine-year cycle from 2008-2016 ~

~ ceremonially complete 2016 and the end of a nine-year cycle ~

~ create space for the new year and new cycle by releasing all vestiges of unforgiveness ~

~ consciously walk the bridge between the completion of one 9-year cycle and the beginning of another ~

~ create a 3-D holographic Intention Mandala for 2017 ~

~ ceremonially open the new 9-year cycle ~