Astrology and Numerology – Forecast 2017 Recording


Janet Conner hosts gifted astrologer, Dr. Michael Lennox, as he shares his insights with us for 2017 and beyond.


Product Description

Gifted Dream Interpreter / Numerologist / Astrologer Dr. Michael Lennox joins Janet Conner for the 2017 Soul-Directed Life Astrology Forecast

For over twenty years, Dr. Michael Lennox has interpreted thousands of dreams.  His fascination with this nighttime phenomenon began when he was a teenager after reading his mother’s copy of Freud’s “Interpretation of Dreams.”  Having had vivid and memorable dream experiences from the time he was a small boy, the notion that they could be analyzed and understood on a deeper level was an almost overpowering concept.  He earned his Doctorate in Psychology in 2006.

Dr. Lennox has also become adept in several other overlapping modalities such as Astrology and Numerology.  He continues to explore the ways in which all of these fascinating fields of study intertwine and affect each other. His work eventually led him to the world of television and radio.  He is known as a leading media expert in these fields in the United States and Canada.  He can be heard on various radio shows nationally, seen on many television shows and in print media on a regular basis.  He travels frequently to lecture and lead workshops, and currently lives and conducts a private practice in Los Angeles.


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