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Soul Beauty LIVE Course 2016


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Rich juicy questions bring us to the threshold of Rumi’s round open door where magic awaits. These inquiries have been beckoning me to this threshold for years. Perhaps they speak to you, too:


What is creativity?

Does creativity have a language?  Can I learn it?

Where is Rumi’s round open door?  Can I travel back and forth?

When I create, who is creating?

Does creative expression have a sacred purpose?

What beauty is mine to express?


What would happen if I expressed my soul’s beauty to the full?The morning after I turned in the manuscript for Find Your Soul’s Purpose, I woke hearing: “Living at the intersection of the visible and the invisible.” I recognized my invitation to begin creating Express Your Soul’s Beauty, the final book and course in Your Soul Wants Five Things, but I didn’t fully understand it.


On my birthday, I drove to yoga listening to Marion Woodman. Marion must have received the same invitation!


We are here to open to Sophia. We are here to open our bodies to the immensity of Spirit that is ready to pour through us and change:


  • our eyes that we may perceive differently
  • our ears that we may hear differently
  • our bodies that we may feel differently
  • our minds that we may think differently


When Spirit enters your body and transforms your senses, you give birth to the divine child—your creative expression, your presence in the world.


I called Christine Pensa, my artistic partner in The Soul Discovery Coloring Book. In two hours of effortless collaborative magic, we discovered the foundation for a brand new, wildly different, deeply mystical creativity course: the prayer of the seven directions. At each direction, we will embrace a visible sense, activate its invisible clair, and play with its beauty. If that weren’t exciting enough, Christine added an 8th dimension—everywhere—and a Human Mandala celebration!


As I began to develop the course Matthew Fox’s new book, A Way to God: Thomas Merton’s Creation Spirituality Journey arrived. As I read about the four paths—Via Positiva, Via Negativa, Via Creativa, Via Transformativa—I wondered what they looked like. Out of my hands came a stunning Möbius visual of Living at The Intersection of the Visible and The Invisible.


Together, we will walk through the Round Open Door, explore the invisible realms, return to express our souls’ beauty, and in the process, transform ourselves and our world.



Class Structure


Express Your Soul’s Beauty meets on Zoom for 10 weekly video class sessions starting Wednesday, August 10th and continuing through October 12th.


All classes, activities and meditations are recorded, so don’t worry about missing anything due to time zone or schedule. You can be an active presence in the course by sending Janet your stories and questions, and by participating in our private Facebook discussion group.


Our platform is Zoom – a superior-quality global video conference service.  They are free and extremely easy to use.


Class Sessions are Wednesday evenings from 7pm to 9pm Eastern, 6pm Central, 5pm Mountain, 4pm Pacific, 1pm Hawaii, 8pm Atlantic, Midnight UK, 1am Europe.  It will be morning in Australia, and afternoon in New Zealand (the following day).


You can check for your own time at the WORLD TIME CONVERTER HERE.



August 10, 17, 24, 31

September 7, 14, 21, 28

October 5, 12



Our Sacred Circle Human Mandala Celebration will be held on Sunday, October 23rd at 2pm Eastern.



Members of Express Your Soul’s Beauty Receive:


  • Ten 2-hour LIVE video class sessions on Zoom.
  • Two post-class activities for each direction.
  • Recordings of all classes, activities and meditations.
  • Express Your Soul’s Beauty PDF PlayBook
  • Extensive bibliography and resource list for materials.
  • Extensive email support including pre- and post-class emails.
  • Membership in a private Facebook discussion group.
  • Human Mandala closing celebration.



Special Registration Bonuses:

BONUS:  One-hour instructional video from Christine on several ways to make your personal journal during your exploration. Be sure to watch the video and Christine’s material recommendations before you buy anything.

BONUS:  A 45-minute instructional video from Janet on how to write in the theta brainwave state. Watch at your leisure to help you slip from journaling into soul writing.


Additional Bonuses:

BONUS:  Remove Rocks from Your Field—60 minute guided meditation to remove blocks in your energetic fields.

BONUS:  Solitude – a 30-minute talk by Janet on silence and solitude.

BONUS:  $50 coupon on a session with Christine Pensa. 

BONUS:  $50 coupon on a future LIVE course with Janet Conner. 



In Express Your Soul’s Beauty you will:


  • Become an open, fertile, strong container for the creative life that wants to be lived in and through and as you.
  • Partner with your creativity Goddess and guardians.
  • Learn how to slip through the Round Open Door.
  • Become adept at morning theta and theta around the clock.
  • Fall in love with your senses.
  • Begin to trust your invisible senses, your clairs.
  • Perceive the invisible in the visible.
  • Discover how it feels to create at eternal speed.
  • Fall in love with your soul’s beauty.
  • Develop your personal Prayer of the 8 Directions.
  • Learn the Love loving Love meditation.
  • Cultivate the sacred art of soul discernment.
  • Explore the fertile fields of your soul in community.
  • Learn your soul’s languages of creativity.
  • Start living and creating in The Intersection of the Visible and the Invisible!

Additional Information

Soul Beauty Telecourse Payment Options

$505.00 – One Payment in Full ($139 Discount), $444.00 – for Members of Soul Purpose ($200 Discount), $394.00 – for Returning Creativity Class Members ($250 Discount), $644 – 3 Payments of $215/month for Aug-Sep-Oct


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