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The Soul-Directed Life Explores The Unified Field of Prayer in 2018



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Join in on the Soul-Directed Life Facebook Discussion Page ~ Janet puts the names of everyone who leaves a comment into the Tibetan Bowl for a chance to win her guest’s gift of the week.  It might be a book, CD, ticket to a live event, or a personal consultation with the guest.  Don’t know what to say?  Share your favorite quote from the show, pose a question, or tell us about your own experience with that particular month’s Soul Call.  We love hearing from our listeners!



Join The Soul-Directed Life Book Club ~ Each month concludes with a discussion of a book that captures the deep essence of that month’s Soul Call.  Janet hand-picks the Book Club selections, and recommends them highly for her listeners.  If you wish to receive the richest benefit of Janet’s interview with the author, read the Book Club selection prior to the last Thursday of the month, and join the discussion following the show on the Soul-Directed Life Facebook Discussion Page. Membership in the Book Club is informal.




The Soul-Directed Life Book Club Selection for November is Lessons from the 12 Archangels by Belinda Womack.

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Quote of the Week ~ Janet’s guests share deep and often surprising ideas. From each conversation, Janet captures one sparkling quote and posts it on Pinterest.  You can view and share these quotes with friends, and be sure to tell us your favorite quote on the Soul-Directed Life Facebook Discussion Page.  Perhaps yours will be the next Quote of the Week!