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Notes from the Field •  November 19, 2017 •  janet@janetconner.com
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Janet Conner
exploring the fields of the soul . . . together 

Is there a Unified Field of Prayer?
That’s the question of my life right now. On the first anniversary of the 1 of Hearts, I received a (big) clue. 
Dear deep soul explorer,I’m writing this Notes from the Field during the void, the opening, of the Scorpio New Moon on Saturday November 18.This moment is pregnant with possibility. For me. For you. For all of us.I’m no astrologer, but my heart tells me we are integral partners in a vast celestial dance happening all around us, as the planets and star beings move to music we do not readily hear.  

That’s the point of mystical prayer practice, I think: To enter the silence that we may hear the song of the divine vibrating in our hearts.

One of the gifts of 2017 has been paying more attention to this celestial music.

It began for me on the New Moon in Aries in March, when I felt an insistent call to sit outside in silence for days, weeks on end, until I began to perceive the outline of a book about The Unified Field of Prayer.

Slowly, incrementally, questions I’d never considered began bubbling up on the page asking to be seen, noticed, felt, and explored.

Questions like:

  • What is prayer?
  • Is prayer a field, a vibration, a connection…?
  • Is there a sacred thread running through all prayer?
  • What is the cosmic purpose of prayer?
  • What happens when we pray?
  • Can we tune into the resonance of all prayer?
  • What makes a prayer mystical?
  • Is there a divine essence fractally present in all prayer?
  • Is there a unified field of prayer?
  • Is there a formula for prayer comparable to e=mc²?

See what I mean! These are huge questions. They took my breath away as they arrived on the page and they still give me great pause, even as I commit to explore them throughout 2018.

Looking back, I see that the 1 of Hearts Prayer Practice gave birth to this deep exploration of prayer, surely the deepest of my life.

I was given the 1 of Hearts playing card in an intense all-night dream last November 17. In the dream, I was forcefully handed this non-existent card and told “this is the mystical trump card.”

With the guidance of the Masters and Teachers of the Akashic Record, that card gave birth to a global prayer practice to “feed the voice of love in we the people and create a seat at the table for everyone.”

The Masters and Teachers asked us to pray the 1 of Hearts every day from Winter Solstice through the American Inauguration in January, and from then on, to pray every Sunday and Monday.

And so I have.

But I am only now beginning to see what a sacred teacher this prayer is.

The 1 of Hearts prayer is like a shy animal in the woods, revealing herself only in glimpses and only in response to consistent practice and great patience.

But this week, The 1 of Hearts burst out from behind a tree to give me a huge insight.

In the prayer, we invoke the divine in multiple languages, then speak the new prayer the Masters and Teachers gave us: “We ask that all souls and all thought forms be harmonized to the one heart for the highest good and mutual benefit of everyone concerned.”

We end the spoken part of the prayer by saying the final phrase of the ancient Hawaiian Ho’oponopono prayer in Hawaiian and English:

A Mama ua noa. It is given. It is free.

When The Lotus and The Lily opened this past Monday, I found myself called to speak the whole prayer, not just the closing line, for all the members individually and collectively.

On the first day I did this, I felt the negative AKA chords of disharmony and imbalance and unwanted memories dissolve.

It was such an intense experience, I knew I needed to stay in the chair as the vibration of that prayer resonated out through space.

After a few minutes, I felt a nudge to pick up The Radiance Sutras. It arrived from Sounds True this week and I had only opened it once before.

I held The Radiance Sutras to my heart and asked for a perfect blessing for the members of The Lotus and The Lily.

And opened to Yukti Verse #105. Read this slowly. Very slowly.

When you gaze in wonder at the stars,
Become enthralled
With the vast spaciousness between them.
Space is an incomprehensible being,
An invisible presence,
Independent, independently wealthy,
Without beginning or end, and giving.

Space bestows an unbounded theater
For suns, planets, constellations
To dance their graceful orbits.

Space offers you an infinite arena
To play, explore, and experience.
Receive this gift of freedom.

What are the chances that the essence words of Ho’oponopono—given and free—would be the essence of this truly radiant sutra.

Skimming the pages, I see no other sutra with words in italics.

Hmm, the universe arranged it so I could not miss the connection between the Hawaiian prayer of forgiveness and this ancient Vedic prayer.

And, on top of all that, this sutra is a call to look up and remember that we are not just a part of the celestial dance, it is our mystical playground.

I reread the sutra. I reread it again. I knew I’d been handed a big clue—a proof, even—of the reality of the unified field of prayer.

Two profound mystical prayers wove themselves together across time, oceans, and cultures to remind us that all is given. And we are free.

During the dark of the new moon today I committed to do this sacred work.

I hope you’ll join me in a profound year exploring the unified field of prayer. I’ll write about it in these Sunday letters, talk about it on The Soul-Directed Life, and explore it in depth in all my live deep soul exploration courses. And, of course, in The 1 of Hearts Global Prayer Practice.

And you are invited to join me in all of it.

If you want to jump into the Live The Lotus and the Lily, we just started and you can still join us.

Want to explore the fields of the soul with me for an entire year? Join Your Soul Wants Five Things now and receive The Lotus and The Lily for free.

And please join the global community praying The 1 of Hearts.

The Soul-Directed Life just wrapped up 2017 this week. As I was saying goodbye to the engineer, he looked at the downloads and asked, “What happened on November 5th?” Turns out that was the single biggest spike of downloads in one day as 652 of you listened to Ervin Laszlo!

to exploring the mystic playground above and below and within!







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