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The 8th Container of Love: The Invisible

Welcome to August on The Soul-Directed Life 

It was one year ago this month that I first held The 9 Containers of Love in my left hand in an intense mystical dream. I am more convinced than ever that everything, from one human to the entire cosmos, is contained in the heart of the Divine Feminine. And where is she? In our hearts.

On The Soul-Directed Life, we are exploring one container each month:

  • January- Human Divinity
  • February – Mystical Prayer
  • March- Sacred Space
  • April – Soul Community
  • May – Teachers, Mentors and Guides
  • June – The Mystics
  • July – Mother Earth and the Cosmos

In August, we step into the loving arms of The Invisible.  Just because you can’t see something with your physical eyes, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.  There are so many signs and indications of that ‘something bigger’ than we are – it’s here, and it loves us!

Our Big Beautiful Questions for August  are:

  • If invisible forces are invisible, how do we perceive their presence?
  • How can we become more aware of the wisdom and beauty of The Invisible?

Join me in our radical radio experiment – the radio show that IS a prayer!





August 3        David Nicol – Subtle Activism

If you follow the Shift Network, you’ve been invited into collective meditation with David Nicol. He is the director of the Gaiafield Project and the Institute for Subtle Activism, and the author of a worldview changing book, Subtle Activism: The Inner Dimension of Social and Planetary Transformation. David will explore the deep questions: What is consciousness? Where does one mind end and another begin? Can a group generate collective transformation? And if so, HOW. These are THE questions of the hour, don’t you think! Join us and begin some subtle activism of your own.


August 10        Margo Mastromarchi – The Angelic Realm

When a breakthrough idea drops into my awareness or I receive an invitation to write a book or something happens in my personal life that I don’t understand, I call my dear friend Margo Mastromarchi to probe the angelic realm for guidance. Without fail, I am led into a new level of understanding beyond anything I could have asked for or even imagined was possible. Join Margo and me for a rare hour with the angels.


August 17         Sally Kempton – Opening to Embody the Goddess

After a few millennia of patriarchy, the goddess, at last, is being heard and seen and felt in the land. Where do we find her? In our hearts, our bodies, our minds, our very cells. And who better to help us hear Her wisdom and feel her presence than Sally Kempton, author of Awakening Shakti. Enter the circle, as Sally intones the living presence of Mother Matangi, Durga. Kali, and more. Be with us as the goddess moves out of the Invisible and into our lives. 


August 24        Lauralyn Bunn – The Akashic Records

I bless the day I stumbled upon Lauralyn Bunn while researching the theta brainwave state for Writing Down Your Soul. I doubt I could have written any of my books or explored the fields of the soul so deeply without the guidance from the masters and teachers of the Akashic Record. (See Find Your Soul’s Purpose loop 5 for their mind-bending explanation of how to change the past by not wanting to change it!) Lauralyn is a world-class consultant and trainer of the Akashic Records and it is my great honor to invite you to sit with her as we probe the wisdom of the Records for guidance that can feed us right now.  


August 31         William Keepin – Invisible Building Blocks of the Universe – Fractals

Every year I read a few books that move me so strongly that I become an evangelist for them. In 2016, William Keepin’s Belonging to God was one of those. Keepin’s premise is that Divine Love is fractal. That means it is indivisible, holographic, and foundational. Just as fractals follow the quantum laws to create our Universe, Divine Love is present in all spiritual traditions, creating a wildly diverse Oneness. It’s not an accident that one week after William Keepin was on the show last year, I received The 9 Containers of Love. Join us for a deep dive into the fractal nature of Divinity and the Universe. 


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