If you wish to take Part 2 of Plug In For Writers, 
Part 1 is a prerequisite if you have not
already taken it in previous years.
Please visit the Plug In For Writers course description page
for all the information.

The Plug In For Writers Part 1 On Demand Course allows you to take as much time as you like on each module, without any kind of structured format.  You can complete the exercises at your own pace, as you have time for them.




Plug In For Writers Part 1 On Demand – $200


Members of Plug In for Writers Part 1 On Demand receive all materials from the LIVE course:

~ Six 2-hour class recordings with Janet Conner ~

~ Detailed Playbook packed full of links, resources, tools and extensive bibliography (Priceless) ~

~ Personal Angel Guidance Consultation with Margo Mastromarchi ($80 value) ~

~ Follow-up notes from all the live sessions ~

~ Extensive Email Support ~


PLUS Access to the LIVE 2018 Course Bonus Page!





Have you wondered why all the writing courses you’ve taken and books you’ve read haven’t taken you to the level of creativity you want? Do you wonder why finishing your book and finding an agent or publisher is still so elusive? The missing link—the spiritual practices that activate, expand, and nourish a successful writing life—are the sole focus of our first 7 Saturdays together. We will gather on Zoom, a video conference platform, so I can give you hands-on experience. This content is not available anywhere else. And THIS is the magic. This is the essential foundation on which to build a writing life.






Plug In For Writers Part 1 On Demand – $200


Have questions? Contact Janet at or 727-772-1118