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Soul Vows--coming March 2015 
Writing Down Your Soul (2009)--#1 for four years!
My Soul Pages (2011), first journal designed for soul writers
The Lotus and The Lily (2012)
My Life Pages (2013)
Your Soul Wants Five Things  
The Soul-Directed Life radio show on UnityFM

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The Lotus and The Lily companion journal
My Life Pages

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The Soul-Directed Life

11am pacific/12 mountain
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your soul wants five things
and the 5th is to create life
November 17 - December 15

A LIVE Q&A event with Margo Mastromarchi and Janet Conner

Sunday October 12
4-5:30 pm Eastern

Your Soul Wants Five Things 
your soul wants to:
1. connect with Source
2. commit to values
3. serve a purpose
4. express itself
5. create a life
learn more:
Writing Down Your Soul
Soul Vows  
Soul Direction  
Plug In
The Lotus and The Lily

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