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09:25 AM
Unity of Delray Beach talk “Prayer that Works“
Janet will give her original signature talk, "Prayer that Works" at Unity of Delray Beach, 9:25 and 11:00AM services. You'll hear how her relationship with prayer evolved over the years from rote participation to non existent to vibrant living relationship. She'll share the four steps in Prayer that Works. You will laugh. You will be moved. And you very well may be surprised. Prayer is not what you think it is. Not from God's point of view.
Copies of her book, Writing Down Your Soul, and the companion journal, My Soul Pages will be available for purchase after each service.
101 Northwest 22nd Street 
Delray Beach, FL 33444

01:30 PM
Writing Down Your Soul workshop
After Janet's talk, "Prayer that Works", stay for her afternoon workshop 1:30-3:30. You will learn the difference between journaling and deep soul writing, the science that explains why soul writing is so effective, the seven steps to ensure your writing practice takes you beyond the alpha brain wave state and into the all-important theta brain wave state. And, you'll get to write with the support of Janet's Theta Music CD. When you leave, you will have everything you need to begin the lifelong practice of divine dialogue. Your soul wants five things and NUMBER ONE is to connect with Source. Writing Down Your Soul shows you how to keep that connection vibrant, alive, active, and full of guidance and grace.
Sunday January 20
1:39-3:30 Love Offering

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