Mandara Cromwell—Making Sound Visible

Real Conversation

We began hearing Mandara sing Gregorian chant in a gothic cathedral and watching halos on saints vibrate in response. We followed her as she followed sound to the Rig Vedas, Indian temple construction, Ayurvedic science, Chinese medicine meridians, even the Roslyn Chapel where sound is frozen in stone. Everything comes together in the new science of sound healing through cymatics. Listening to Mandara, your ears will open to a whole new love affair with the sacred power of sound.

Real Person

After a lifetime of exploring the relationship of ancient sacred healing arts and sound, Mandara Cromwell invented the AMI, Acoustic Meridian Intelligence device, an advanced sound technology nominated for the Thomas Edison Award for Innovation in the Fields of Science and Medicine. She studied cymatics with Dr Peter Manners and coined the term cymatherapy to refer to wave therapy based on his work. Groundbreaking images of the healing frequencies of her sound therapy devices are now available in her book Soundflower.

Real Prayer Action

Mandara gave us so many delicious sounds to listen to:

  • Listen to some Gregorian Chant on the internet, especially sung in an old cathedral. Notice how it affects you emotionally and physically
  • Listen to some Mozart!
  • Listen to some indigenous music from your area. The sounds are in the land and in the air. What feelings do they evoke?
  • Listen to the Roslyn Motet online and notice how it feels to you
  • Look at a statue or painting that is sacred and dear to you as sound in form. After a while, do you notice any movement or vibration?
  • Intone Ohm or other sound or chant you love and notice how your own internal cavities vibrate in response. Where in your body does the sound open you?

Your Prayer Bag 15 gift is a Cymaglyph to open your eyes to the powerful movement of sound.

Then, come visit the Praying at the Speed of Love Facebook community. Mandara is joining us and would love to talk with you about all your adventures with and questions about sound. Join us in this special place and meet kindred souls who love talking about the sound of real prayer.

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