Kimberly Marooney—First Aid from the Angels

Real Conversation

Kimberly opened with a prayer that quite literally opened our hearts. She shared how prayer has transformed her life from a miracle on the beach at 16 to the radical prayer that restored her to health after years of pain. That prayer opened the path that took her from financial consulting to angel consulting. We shared stories of being saved from death and the angel who did it. And finally, Kimberly taught us the 3 steps in effective prayer. You might not like the last one.

Real Person

Kimberly Marooney studied to be a concert flutist, but her arm began to hurt and she transitioned to stockbroker. When she became desperately ill, she said a very powerful prayer and the heavens descended and she was held in an embrace of love that removed the pain. Kimberly is now an ordained inter-spiritual minister with a PhD in Spiritual Psychology from Gateway University. She is the author of Angel Blessings Cards of Sacred Guidance and Inspiration and The Little Book of Angel Healing.

Real Prayer Action:

Kimberly and the angels have a lot to teach us about prayer.

  • Have you ever prayed a truly dangerous prayer? One like, “Lord, I don’t care what happens to me. All that matters is that I feel your love now.” Take a deep breath, step into your heart and open your mouth with a sacred request....
  • Kimberly spent years exploring the question, “What does it mean to awaken?” Well, what does “awakening” mean to you? This is a superb question to take into deep soul writing and reflection, not once, not twice, for over and over again.
  • Kimberly captured the essence of prayer and of the mystical life with two words: All In. Those are breathtaking words. Are you “all in” with the divine? What does “all in” even mean? And what happens when you and your Beloved are both all in on love and on life?
  • Kimberly said prayer is not begging. Which sounds great, but in truth, do you beg in your prayers? It’s like an addiction and tough to give up. If you gave up begging, all together, how would your prayers change?
  • We talked about several almost-death experiences. Have you had one? Looking back through angel eyes, what really happened?

Your Prayer Bag 16 gift is an excerpt from The Little Book of Angel Healing. Enjoy! Do try some angel first aid. Then, come visit the Praying at the Speed of Love Facebook community and tell us what you discovered. Kimberly is joining us and is delighted to answer your questions about praying with the angels.

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