Hallie Iglehart Austen—The Goddess comes alive in you

Real Conversation

Hallie offered her personal prayer practice and how it has evolved into action. Prayer without action is 1/3 effective, prayer with personal action is 2/3 effective, but prayer with collective action is 3/3. She created All One Ocean to excite collective action. Every piece of plastic removed is a prayer. We talked about the dramatic difference when divinity looks like our bodies, what is transmitted when we gaze at a goddess image, and what happens when we embody a goddess’s pose. To make it real we became Guanyin!

Real Person

At 12, Hallie Iglehart Austen studied Greek and Greek mythology. She loved to sing but was booted out of choir because she was nearsighted. She prayed to see, to sing, and to create peace in the world. After college, Hallie drove from England to Nepal and spent a summer in the Himalayas where her brain was scraped clean of academic training. At last she could see. And what she saw was the divine feminine in all cultures—captured in the seminal book, The Heart of the Goddess.

Real Prayer Action

Hallie gave us many ways to create prayer that moves in and through our bodies.

  • Are your prayer 1/3. 2/3, or 3/3 effective? What steps would you like to take to put more action in your prayer life? Pick up a piece of trash, does it feel like prayer?
  • Take the “Royal Ease Pose” of Guanyin. Click here for the image. What is your body telling you about your capacity to act to take care of yourself and others?
  • Click to look at the magnificent Aztec goddess, Tlazolteotl. Read the Tortoise Chair prayer. Or better still have a woman read it to you as you squat. What are you birthing?
  • Mirror how Hallie prays in the morning, giving thanks for all that has happened—before the day even begins! How does that change your experience of your day and your night prayers?
  • Invoke a goddess every morning. Who do you find yourself calling to help you? When you look back at your day, how did that goddess and her qualities support you?

You have two Prayer Bag 17 gifts. One is a video with goddess images with a voiceover by Hallie. The other is a goddess meditation. Enjoy! Then, come to our Praying at the Speed of Love Facebook community and share how embodying the goddess is affecting your prayer life.

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