Stephen Post—God and Love on Route 80

Real Conversation

As a boy, Stephen Post has a recurring dream with a strange prophetic message. Following the dream, he gets on Route 80, leaves his broken-down car on the side of the road, thumbs his way West, and—surprise—the dream unfolds in real time on the Golden Gate bridge. You couldn’t make this story up if you wanted to! It’s a wild ride filled with mystery, love, and prayer. And we get to take it with him in God and Love on Route 80.

Real Person

Today Dr Stephen Post is leader in medicine, research, and philosophy; bestselling author of Why Good Thins Happen to Good People and The Moral Challenge of Alzheimer Disease (designated a medical classic of the 20th century); founder of The Institute for Research on Unlimited Love; and professor of preventive medicine at Stony Brook University School of Medicine. But once upon a time, Stephen was a boy who had a dream.

Real Prayer Action

Stephen’s Route 80 story is one mystical prayer experience after another. Here are a few highlights he mentioned that you might take into your own deep soul writing and prayer:

  • Stephen talked about Mr Mueller introducing him to prayer while clamming and posting wooden signs with messages on trees. Who opened you to the mystical life in surprising and gentle ways?
  • Stephen went West because of a recurring dream message: “If you save him, you too shall live.” Has a dream message changed your life? Hearing “prayer artist” in the night sure changed mine!
  • Stephen came to a fulcrum point: 95 South or 80 West. The choice made all the difference. What were your fulcrum points? Do you regret the choice not taken?
  • Here is a Gohonzon scroll. Do you have something precious that holds mystical love and energy?
  • Stephen’s mom asleep in New York woke knowing he was in danger in Oregon. Have you ever sensed someone you love was in danger? To what do you attribute this non local knowing?

Open Prayer Bag 18 and enjoy an excerpt from God and Love on Route 80 about Stephen’s “Big Prayer.” Then, come to our Praying at the Speed of Love Facebook community and share your own “Route 80” experiences.

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