The Way of the Rose Part 1—the goddess hiding in the rosary

NOTE: Episode 19 is part 1 on The Way of the Rose. Episode 20 with part 2 of this conversation airs December 19, 2019

Real Conversation

Sit down. Get ready. Love is coming. She's knocking at the door. When you start praying the ancient pre-patriarchal goddess worship hidden in every bead of the rosary, you will discover what my theme song has been telling you all along: “You are not praying; you are being prayed, prayed at the speed of love.” That is the power and promise of the rosary. And this is the power and promise of this life-altering conversation with Clark Strand and Perdita Finn.

Real Person

How do an ex-Buddhist monk and a woman raised to be agnostic fall head over heels in love with the rosary? Meet Clark Strand and Perdita Finn authors of The Way of the Rose, a post-patriarchal prayer book if ever there was one. Whether you prayed the rosary as a child or never touched one, this conversation will expand your heart to bursting as it reveals the radical path of the divine feminine hidden in those mysterious beads. This is the prayer story to end all prayer stories.

Real Opportunity

Join the Clark, Perdita, and Janet in The Radical Path of the Divine Feminine Hidden in the Rosary Prayer Intensive.

Real Prayer Action

Perdita Finn and Clark Strand gave us so many exciting ways to dive into the mystery of the divine feminine hidden in the rosary.

  • Whether you know the Hail Mary or it’s brand new, say it (the words are on p 5 in the transcript) and notice how the three sentences honor the three faces of the goddess: beautiful maiden, loving mother, wise death crone. How does it feel to say a prayer that is thousands of years old?
  • Say the Sign of the Cross as Perdita suggested: forehead—in the name of the father, womb—and of the child, breasts—of the holy mother. How radical does that feel to not just name but embody the trinity of father, mother, child?
  • When you wake in the night, instead of thinking about the sleep you are missing, lie there aware of how blessed you are to be awake during the “hour of God.” Notice what thoughts and feelings move through you.
  • Read the paragraph from the Stockholm Report on p 26 in the transcript. Read it aloud. Slowly. Does it feel sacred? What does it evoke?
  • In The Way of the Rose our Lady says, “You must know that there are no limits on prayer because there was no beginning to prayer. At birth, you came in somewhere in the middle of a great story of prayer that, because it forms a circle like the beads of the rosary, is truly without end." How does that affect your understanding of prayer—and of yourself?

Open Prayer Bag 19 and enjoy an excerpt from The Way of the Rose and the gorgeous image of Mary created by Will Lytle. Then, come to our Praying at the Speed of Love Facebook community and share your own rosary and Mary questions and experiences. Clark and Perdita will join us. And their publisher has given me a copy of The Way of the Rose to give to a listener in our PSL community.

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