The Way of the Rose Part 2—The Rosary and her Mysteries

NOTE: Episode 20 is part 2 on The Way of the Rose. Part 1 is Episode 19

Real Conversation

Clark Strand and Perdita Finn take us on a deep dive into the Rosary to uncover her ancient mystical goddess secrets hidden in plain sight right under the nose of the patriarchal Catholic church.  One big mystery is “The Mysteries” themselves, 15 stories that tell our story of human life and the story of human history. And then they talked about the Novena—and Janet revealed what she’s praying for. Oh My.

Real Person

In Part 1, we met Clark Strand, an ex-Zen Buddhist monk, and Perdita Finn, raised to be a science-based agnostic. Together, this unlikely pair fell in love with the rosary and wrote The Way of the Rose, a post-patriarchal prayer book if ever there was one. Now in Part 2, watch as your heart expands to bursting as Clark and Perdita reveal the radical path of the divine feminine hidden in those magical mysterious and wildly creative beads.

Real Opportunity

Join the Clark, Perdita, and Janet in The Radical Path of the Divine Feminine Hidden in the Rosary Prayer Intensive.


Real Prayer Action

Perdita Finn and Clark Strand gave us several new ways to dive into the mystery of the divine feminine hidden in the rosary.

  • Clark gave us more insights into the “hour of god” including the science on what happens to our bodies when we wake in a state of peace in the night. If you wake as so many of us do, notice your level of stress and see what happens when you shift into peace and serenity.
  • Take this mystical koan from Our Lady into your heart, “The rosary is My body. My body is the body of the world. Your body is one with that body. What cause could there be for fear."
  • Perdita said when she prays she “drops.” Janet recognized that as “mystical theta”—a brainwave she has explored for 22 years. What do you notice when you drop in prayer or soul writing or any other mystical practice? (For a further exploration, see Janet’s prayer intensive on Theta.)
  • The mysteries of the rosary are quite the mystery! Perdita said they are stories that invite us to tell our own story. Janet shares her version of sorrowful mysteries of patriarchy. What do the mysteries evoke in you?
  • Janet talks about her first novena naming her heart’s most sacred desire. What’s yours? (You might enjoy this blog post about wanting.)

Open Prayer Bag 20 and enjoy an excerpt from The Way of the Rose on Mystery. Then, come to our Praying at the Speed of Love Facebook community and share your own rosary experiences and questions with Clark and Perdita.

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