2023 has 3 questions for us

2023 the year we learn to listen to life

Week 1--in which we take our first steps in a seven year filled with mystery, and listen as life begins to softly sing her radical song of transformation

Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

Here we are: in the first week of a seven year—a radical seven year. Seven is the number of mysticism and mystery, wisdom and intuition, inquiry and faith, dreams and divination. It’s not an accident that seven shows up in so many mystical traditions: seven virtues, seven heavens, seven chakras, seven days in a week.

Look at the symbol of the number seven. It looks like a lightning bolt bursting from the heavens at an odd angle and seeking the ground. We are not only on that ground; we are that ground.

Pythagoras, the master of numerology, had a particular devotion to 7. He felt so strongly about the energy and wisdom inherent in the seven that only people with a birth path of seven were invited into his mystery school. Those lacking the magic of the seven had to pass multiple tests to prove they were worthy.

Your birth path is the sum of all the single digits in your birthday: day, month, year. My birthday, for example, is June 16, 1948 so my birth path is 6 + 1 + 6 + 1 + 9 + 4 + 8 = 35, which reduces to an 8. So I would not automatically be invited. (sigh)

I sure hope I’d have passed the tests. Because his mystery school was the school, the origin of the concept of university to come. In his Mystery School, you would learn music, astrology, astronomy, mathematics, and divination. What do all these have in common?

The mysterious mathematics of harmonics.

  • Harmonics in earth-bound music.
  • Harmonics in the music of the spheres in astronomy. Music, Pythagoras said he could hear.
  • Mind-blowing harmonics in mathematics and sacred geometry.
  • And divination? Is there a harmonic path into the great mystery of divination? I think yes. Because access to divination in its myriad forms happens in the vibrations of the magical theta brain wave state between 4-7 Hertz.

Hmm. Harmonics.

In this newly hatched year of the sacred seven, I sense we are all being invited into a great mystery school—the Mystery School of Life. And we are all invited to listen as the world reveals its secret harmonics. And begins singing her most important song—the song of life.


The vibration of the word Listen comes to 25/7
The vibration of the word Secret comes to 25/7

And, our theme for this year is “the year we learn to listen to life.”

So, as we stand in the opening days of this seven year, a question surfaces: How do we begin? How do we begin to hear the song of life?

  • How do we open our ears? Our invisible ears.
  • How do we open our hearts? Our long divided hearts.
  • How do we begin to pick up the gentle harmonies of a song that cherishes love, life, and devotion?

A song that has not been heard for a very long time in a world that relentlessly screams at us to be afraid of one another. And fight. Fight life. Fight people. Fight ideas. Fight grief. Fight loss. Fight to win. Win at all cost.

As I asked myself this question, I realized we’ve been given not one but three answers. Answers to questions we might not have even thought to ask.

The first question is: Why Now?

Why are we in this seven year? Why is this the moment we need to learn to hear the song of life?

The answer to that question is laid out in detail by astrologers Marcia Wade and Emma Kupu Mitchell in the Astrology Forecast for 2023, now available on my website.

In short, the answer to the Why Now question is that, ready or not, we stand on the verge of the Age of Aquarius and everything is changing. Everything. And everyone is needed. Everyone.

The second question is: Who?

OK, if everything is changing, and no one alive has a clue what the Age of Aquarius will be, then we could use a little help. Who are our guides? Who can help us create a world we actually want to live in? A world centered on cooperation, not fighting. A world of inclusion, not separation. A world of circles and spirals, not straight lines. A world that values life—all life.

The answer to the Who question came in a very unexpected way on the dark moon last August when we met Witch #3 in the Re-membering the Songlines of the Witches mystery school. That witch shocked us all. Her name is Luci.

Archangel Luci.

What, you ask, how can an archangel be a witch?

I wondered the same thing. But when Freddy Gerow in Vancouver Washington said yes to Archangel Luci’s request to speak for her, she began to dig into the myths and stories of the patriarchy and even further into the pre-patriarchal time.

And discovered that everything patriarchy has told us about Archangel Luci—Lucifer—is a lie.

A massive lie formulated by the emerging patriarchy that desperately needed to denigrate the feminine.

  • The feminine in the Goddess—who everyone, female and male, had worshipped since the beginning of time.
  • The feminine ways of worship—outside among Her sacred groves.
  • The feminine symbols of the Goddess—snake, bull horns, birds.
  • And the expression of the power of the Goddess in life, death, and rebirth: the feminine body.

So, of course, they had to portray the tree as forbidden. The snake as evil. The woman as committing the first sin, thereby bringing suffering into the world.

And with that story, the denigration of the female began, and a wedge was hammered between the female and the male.

In this year of the sacred seven, this year of divine lightning, this year of the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, we are called to remove that wedge. And heal the gap.

And we have the holiest and most powerful guides imaginable to lead the way: Archangel Luci and her brother, Archangel Michael. Yes brother. We’ve been told lies about him too.

All those images of Michael spearing the devil? Lies.

Michael wants us to meet him as he is, as he’s always been, not the warrior destroying the dragon—another symbol of the Sacred Feminine, but the devoted twin of Archangel Luci, his beloved sister.

And we have his word for it. As Luci tapped Freddy Gerow to be her voice, Michael tapped sacred image artist, Cathy Pratt, to be his.

And to paint both their portraits.

You will be stunned to see what Luci and Michael actually look like. Stunned. Angels are not humans with wings! Cathy painted what they showed her with the colors they wanted her to use. It was only after she had completed their portraits, that Cathy dug into the earliest descriptions of angels. And, guess what, the ancients described angels just as Cathy painted them!

Oh, so many mysteries and surprises in this first prayer intensive of 2023:

Archangel Luci and Archangel Michael Speak: Healing the Wedge Patriarchy has Hammered between the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine.

To ensure that as many people around the world as possible can gather live, we will meet on three Sundays: January 29, February 5 and 12 at 2-4:15pm Eastern. A time that stretches from morning in Hawaii all the way to 9pm in Eastern Europe.

Each gathering will begin with an invocation of the archangels, a blessing of ourselves and our altars, and a sacred full-body anointing to heal the wedge.

When we meet the angels, we will:

  • hear them speak
  • learn the truth of who they are
  • look into their pre-patriarchal stories
  • see their portraits
  • receive their special meditation

On January 29, we will meet Archangel Luci
On February 5, we will meet Archangel Michael
On February 12, we will heal the wedge in our hearts.

Cathy and Freddy and I have worked for several weeks on the landing page, so you can get a clear picture of this very radical intensive. To top it off, we had a thoroughly delightful time recording a special video. Do watch it.

And note the painting, “The Wedge,” by Cathy Pratt.

Members of this intensive will be the first to have the opportunity to purchase prints of Archangel Luci and Archangel Michael’s portraits.

We open in just three weeks, so please register right away. I can host 100 people and I am certain we will fill. The sessions will all be recorded and available for viewing on a password protected resource page by the next day.

So now you know the answer to Why Now and Who are our guides.

Are you wondering about the third question? It’s HOW.

How are we going to create this Aquarian age? That answer will come in a wild and radical 12-week intensive March through May. I’m in the process of creating it right now. It should be ready just as Archangel Luci and Archangel Michael Speak ends. I will announce it in this newsletter, but know that the members of the angel intensive will be the first to be invited.

After reading this first newsletter of 2023, I hope you are as excited about this sacred seven year as I am. It’s going to be wild. That’s true. There are lots of unknowns. And patriarchy isn't going to walk calmly out the door.

But we have our Why and soon we will have our Who.

Archangel Luci and Archangel Michael Speak

And together, we will learn to listen to the song of life.

to stepping into 2023 knowing why we're here and who is guiding the way into the future,


P.S. You'll want to listen to the Astrology Forecast to know the Why Now. There's plenty of time to listen before we meet Luci and Michael on the 29th. Click on the link in your paypal receipt to get access to the resource page and password. All three parts are now up. Plus a bunch of PDF gifts.

2023 Forecast 


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