HeatherAsh Amara: The Warrior Heart Practice

Real Conversation

We began in Hong Kong with 7-year old HeatherAsh staring in awe as people bowed to rocks. We followed her to Thailand and India and back to the US, where the lack of reverence was startling. We got to listen in as a dream announced that a man was coming who would change her life. And he did. Don Miguel Ruiz introduced her to Toltec wisdom and HeatherAsh began her walk to becoming a powerful author and teacher of the heart.

Real Person

HeatherAsh Amara is the author of the bestselling Warrior Goddess Training, born out of the marriage of her two loves: Toltec wisdom and creative Goddess energy. She assists women in finding their own brave warrior-goddess selves through fire walks, facilitator training, workshops, international retreats at sacred sites, online training, and books including her newest, The Warrior Heart Practice.

Real Prayer Action:

HeatherAsh Amara gave us many prayer practices from multiple traditions. Here are a few to try for yourself:

  • HeatherAsh likes to pray with one hand on her heart and one on her belly. Say a prayer you love with your hands like HeatherAsh’s. Then, say the same prayer with your hands off your body. Does the placement of your hands make a difference?
  • Young HeatherAsh saw people reverently praying to rocks and putting incense and pebbles in trees. When was the last time you bowed to a rock or blessed a tree?
  • Toltec means “artist of the spirit.” As you chew on those words, what do they evoke? How are you an artist of spirit?
  • HeatherAsh posed a lot of powerful questions including: “What story am I telling myself?” Well…what story are you telling yourself about a difficult situation. (A rich question to take into soul writing.)
  • What did you experience as HeatherAsh walked us through the 4 chambers of The Warrior Heart Practice to release “not good enough.” Did you discover your intent? Can you live it?

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