Robert Corman: Wisdom for Spiritual Travelers

Real Conversation

We opened with a gorgeous prayer Robert Corman wrote years ago. Then we dove into Journeys and Awakenings: Wisdom for Spiritual Travelers. Reading any of the 48 profound offerings feels like meandering through a mystical forest hand-in-hand with a wise and warm guide. Robert introduced us to a few of those guides and left us hungry for more, much more.

Real Person

Robert Corman is on the board of advisors of the Seven Pillars House of Wisdom and president of Applied Concepts which offers executive coaching and whole systems thinking to nonprofit senior executives. He is the chair of A Growing Culture, an NGO building an online agroecology knowledge base for global farmers. He is a practitioner of nondual Kabbalistic healing and a student of several shamanic traditions.

Real Prayer Action

Robert offered several rich ideas to take in and digest:

  • In his opening prayer one of the lines was: “When were you not afraid of being lost?” What a profound question to explore in this time when everyone feels lost and afraid.
  • On Friday evening at sunset, Robert’s mother would silently move her hands over and around the candle flame, lifting the light over her body. Robert said she showed him silence and being present in the moment in a relationship with light. Try it.
  • The conversation about trees was breathtaking. Go outside. Speak to a tree. And listen.
  • Robert quoted Christina Solaris, “God, please use me. Let my life be for something. Reveal my purpose to me.” Right now, as we harbor at home, many of us are feeling that we are being called. How are you asking to be used as an instrument of life?

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