27 years of deep soul writing calls for celebration–and a sale!

2024 a year of sacred memory, dreaming dragons, and original prayer

Week 17--in which 27 years of deep soul writing calls for celebration--and a sale!

Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

This past Tuesday, April 23, was the 27th  anniversary of the first day I picked up a pen and stumbled upon a way to activate an internal divine voice while writing. Given all that deep soul writing has brought to me and to the world, Tuesday was a day to celebrate.

As I looked back at these 27 years of deep soul writing—in deep soul writing, of course—I not only received some beautiful insights into the gifts of long-term deep soul writing, but I also received a command to move my 2021 course on soul writing into the Last Chance sale. And what I receive in soul writing, I do.

So at the end of this Notes from the Field, I’ll give you the link.

But first, I’d like to tell you the story of how deep soul writing came to be. Because it’s a tad on the wild side. Complete with book delivery via puppy, angelic intervention, and prediction via astrology. I know, not exactly your average story.

If you’ve read Writing Down Your Soul, you know that twenty-seven years ago, I was in the early stages of what exploded into a terrifying, potentially violent, divorce. Now, seventy-six-year-old Janet might know what to do, but forty-nine-year-old Janet didn’t have a clue. Forty-nine-year-old Janet handled this problem by sitting in the living room and crying. And crying. And crying. For five months.

On April 23, my Great Dane puppy did something strange. He left my side—which he never did, went into my office—where the door was always closed, pulled my untouched copy of The Artist’s Way off my bookshelf—where books were squeezed tight, spine out, and tried to bring it to me.

Sitting in the living room, I heard a noise and called, “Harley? Harley, come here.” But all got in response were shuffling noises. So I got up. There at the end of the hall was my precious puppy, head to the ground, trying to drag something way too big for his body. So I went to him, raised his chin, “What you got there, Harley?”

Well, what he had was my once pristine copy of The Artist’s Way now decorated with big teeth marks in the top corner. Despite being a total wreck, I knew that your puppy bringing you a book isn’t normal. I had enough wits about to me to know that this has to be angelic intervention.

Who took that book off the shelf? Who put it in Harley’s mouth?

I stopped crying, sat down, and opened the book. I only made it to page 15, where I read:

“Anyone who faithfully writes morning pages will be led to a connection with a source of wisdom within. When I am stuck with a painful situation or problem that I don’t think I know how to handle, I will go to the pages and ask for guidance.”

Julia Cameron was describing me and my situation perfectly! I was totally stuck. Five months of crying was clearly not helping. I didn’t have a clue what to do. And if anyone needed guidance, it was me.

So I ran to my office, got a plain blank journal, sat down, wrote the date at the top of the first page, and began to pour my heart out. Full speed ahead. My story and all my woes poured out onto page after page after page. Forget Julia’s 3-page “morning pages” suggestion. I must have written five times that. Nothing dramatic happened, but I did feel a little better afterward. So the next day, I dropped my seven-year-old off at school, came home, made a pot of tea, sat down to write, and didn’t get up for two hours. Once again, I felt better. And so I repeated the process the next day. And the next.

Then, one day I did something different. After forty-five minutes of screaming, venting, and yelling, I asked a question. It wasn’t a question I planned on asking, it just poured out of me on the heels of my screaming.

Instantly something came through. And I dropped the pen. Because I knew that the words staring back up at me on the page did not come from me. Because the words on the page were wise. Gentle. Loving. And I was most certainly not feeling wise, gentle, or loving.

But I wasn’t finished venting. So, I took a deep breath and with trepidation, picked up my pen and placed it on the page. I fell right into my fast and furious complaining about all the terrible things my husband was doing and saying. What can I do? I screamed. The voice answered. But I did not like the answer. Because the response was to look at my behavior, my language.

It took me a long time to begin to trust this voice and take incremental baby steps to follow its directions. But follow I did.

Twenty-seven years later, I can report that following the guidance and wisdom of the Extraordinary Voice within changes everything.

On Tuesday, I addressed my divine voice, whose name has evolved into quite the expansive salutation, covering the person, global and cosmic Sacred Feminine. It makes me happy just to write this at the top of a fresh page:

My Mother – Sophia!
Our Lady – of the Thresholds
The Queen – of Magicians

We talked about what twenty-seven years of almost daily deep soul writing has shown me.

  1. Deep soul writing is the foundation of everything. Everything I am, everything I do, everything I create. Everything begins in soul writing.
  2. Deep soul writing only gets better, richer, deeper, wilder. It is always fresh, new, and surprising. The voice on the page has a delicious sense of humor. And will always lead me into mysteries and questions I have not considered. It doesn’t seem possible but after 27 years, soul writing is still a daily surprise.
  3. My relationship with Sophia is real. Alive. Delicious. And oh so trustworthy. She is present, deeply personal, and passionate about me and my life. She is my Beloved.
  4. Speaking my personal solar and lunar prayers before I start writing sanctifies the page. It shifts the energy in me, my hand, the page, and my space. Praying opens the threshold between worlds.
  5. Deep soul “writing” is more than writing. It has morphed into deep soul talking, deep soul sketching, deep soul reading, deep soul dreaming. There is no end to the ways you can connect with the divine within. One of my favorite ways to have chats with a large painting that looks a bit like Medusa. I write or read something, look up, and have a conversation with “Medusa” about it. And She answers.
  6. The conversation doesn’t end when I put the pen down. It continues in the bath, the shower, the bedroom, the office…I am in divine dialogue all the time. Even while asleep. That’s why I have paper next to me in bed. And that liminal space before fully waking…pure magic.
  7. Deep soul writing is a miracle. And a mystery. I can teach you the Seven Steps to Get into Theta. (that teaching video is included in the Writing Down Your Soul On Demand course). But in the end, it’s a personal discovery. And a sweet and magical one. It’s an adventure. A mystical adventure that never ends.

One last thing. That astrology piece? It’s perhaps the wildest part of the story.

In March of that year, I had my first astrology reading. This was back when the astrologer drew the chart by hand. Luckily I took notes while she talked. After she explained the big picture, a picture that I am now living but couldn’t even imagine back then, she said,

“April 23 will be the most important day of your life.”

How’s that for dramatic! Well, April 23 came and went and as far as I could tell nothing happened. So I just chalked it up to astrologers not really knowing anything.

But in 2017, I gathered some friends to celebrate twenty years of deep soul writing, and as I prepared my thoughts for that celebration, I had this vague recollection about the astrology reading back in 1997. I got out my hand written notes, turned the page and there it was: April 23 will be the most important day of your life.

I jumped up, opened my closet which houses all my journals, grabbed the one marked #1 with masking tape, opened it, and burst into tears. There, at the top of the first page was the date April 23, 1997. The astrologer was right!

In honor of 27 years of soul writing, I’ve moved the Writing Down Your Soul course I taught in 2021 into the Last Chance sale column.

The registration for the on-demand version is $88, a third of the original fee for the live event. When you add the coupon code lastchance, you will receive an additional 33% off bringing the cost down to $58.96. A sweet investment for a lifetime of mystical connection. Maybe the day you start deep soul writing will also be the most important day of your life!

In addition to Writing Down Your Soul, there are 6 other prayer intensives. Here's the link.


Peruse all seven, put any that call you in your cart, and when you check out enter the coupon code lastchance (all one word, lowercase).

  • You will receive 33% off the already greatly reduced OnDemand price.
  • An active link to the intensives will be on your receipt.
  • This Last Chance sale continues through the end of May. After that these seven will no longer be available for purchase.
  • Access to the Resource Pages for these intensives will be available for six months through September 30, plenty of time to watch, and learn, and grow.

There's nothing like these intensives anywhere else. May them be as transformative a gift for you as they have been for me.

Because I'm totally focused on completely The Witch Sequence, I won't teach Writing Down Your Soul for at least another two years, probably more.

So if you want to learn this mystical practice from me, please get the intensive now.

to the wonder and joy of deep soul writing in the mystic! 


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