Alessandra Belloni and the Black Madonna

Real Conversation

This conversation transcends the word “conversation.” It is more of a mystical journey marrying the ancient past and the present. We travel to southern Italy with Alessandra Belloni, get lost with her, stumble upon Our Lady of Freedom in Benevento, hear the caretaker’s call to pray for freedom, and begin to chant. This is so no longer a podcast. This is living prayer. Living devotion. Living sacred chant.

Real Person

Alessandra Belloni is a world-renowned percussionist, singer, choreographer, and creator of I Giullari di Piazza, an Italian music and dance theatre company devoted to performing and teaching the ancient devotional music and rituals of the Black Madonna—traditions that have been kept alive for millennia in Southern Italy and are just now being introduced to the world through Alessandra’s mystical thriller, Healing Journeys with the Black Madonna.

Real Prayer Action:

A lovely prayer action is to simply look into the eyes of a Black Madonna. Something happens when you look with love at a Black Madonna. Something awakens—some ancient visceral memory. Alessandra Belloni’s book has many lovely photos, but until your copy arrives, you can begin your search online. And if you want to go all the way into the deep pre-patriarchal history of the Madonna, look for images of Hecate, Cybele, and all the goddesses leading back to Isis.

Then chant with love. One of Alessandra’s gifts is the full recording of this sacred chant to Our Lady of Freedom. Click on Prayer Bag 6 to download this and another gracious gift. Here are the words:

Madonna della Libera regina dell’anima mia
Regina dell’anima mia
Quant’e’ bello a chiamare Maria!

Our Lady of Freedom, You are the queen of my soul.
O queen of my soul,
It is so beautiful to call upon You, Mary!

Then please, join our special Praying at the Speed of Love Facebook community and share your experiences. Alessandra will be there to hear your stories and answer your questions about the Black Madonna!

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