Briana Saussy—finding magic in prayer

Real Conversation

How were you taught to pray? How have your prayers evolved? How are you redefining prayer? These are the questions that sparked this juicy, funny, slightly erotic conversation between a magician and a prayer artist. It opens with Briana’s 4 insights into magic, shifts to “praying down hard” at her Nana’s Baptist knees, carries us into the foundational prayer of the Yes-No breath, and emerges on the other side with a whole new magical definition of prayer.

Real Person

Briana Saussy is a vibrant spiritual counselor and ritualist dedicated to the restoration and remembering of the whole array of sacred arts. She has a wide background in world religions, folk magic, divination, storytelling, philosophy, mathematics, ancient Greek and Sanskrit. She brings it all together in her groundbreaking book, Making Magic.

Real Prayer Action

Consider Briana Saussy’s description of magic: Bigger than you think. Closer than you think. Simple. Relational. Now, see what happens when you apply those adjectives to prayer. Is your experience of prayer: Big. Close. Simple. Relational. If not, maybe you’d like to jump on the bandwagon with Janet and Briana and redefine prayer.

Then, breathe. Here are the simple steps in Briana’s magical “Easy Breath”:

  • center yourself, feet on the ground, acknowledge your connection with Mother Earth
  • breathe in a deep breath spiraling up from the earth through the soles of your feet
  • breathe in again, remembering with each breath, you are saying YES to life
  • release the breath fully, affirming your ability to say NO
  • as you say no, release 1 thing, just set it down for a bit
  • repeat whenever you need to get something out of the way so you can focus on being your whole sacred holy magical self (like after reading the news!)

Visit our Praying at the Speed of Love Facebook community and share your experiences with magic, prayer, and putting stuff down, and remembering how you were taught to pray. Did you have a Nana like Briana? A wild magical family? Or was your family quite different. Whatever your background and experiences, you’ll find kindred souls talking about prayer in our special community.

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