Celeste Yacoboni—how prayer becomes love

Real Conversation

From lying in the grass on her grandfather’s Italian home-farm, to tying Lakota tobacco prayer ties, to creating a chant for Ho’oponopono, to lying under the Solstice sun, Celeste Yacoboni shares her love for prayer from the many deep chambers in her heart. How does her prayer story end? She realizes prayer has become love. This gorgeous conversation will evoke your own prayer memories and it may well cause you to fall in love with prayer.

Real Person

As part of her personal path to explore prayer, Celeste Yacoboni became an ordained Minister of Walking Prayer by the Center for Sacred Studies. In 2012 she was awakened with a question, “How do you pray?”, knew she was being given a vision of a book, and answered “yes” not knowing where that vision would lead.

Visit http://howdoyoupray.com/ and her upcoming project, thevoiceofthefeminine.com.

Real Prayer Action

Celeste Yacoboni’s whole life is a prayer. Here are just a few ways Celeste opens to the beauty of prayer. Experiment with any or all:

  • Lie on the ground like Celeste did as a child and recently on Summer Solstice. Feel Mother Earth fill you. Notice how the wind moves the grass, the leaves, the clouds. What messages do you see?
  • Make prayer ties. Cut small pieces of cloth, add a pinch of tobacco, breathe your prayers into the tobacco and tie the cloth closed. Make as many as you like. Then, release them in the fire or bury them in the ground.
  • Practice Shabbat. On Friday at sunset, light a candle and invite Shekinah or Quan Yin or Tara or any other face of the divine feminine to join you. Whisper a prayer of welcome. Sing a song of welcome. Or best of all, dance your welcome!
  • Chant. Open Prayer Bag 9 and chant Celeste’s Ho‛oponopono prayer. Consider chanting it as you walk. After all, Celeste is a minister of walking prayer!

Visit our Praying at the Speed of Love Facebook community. Celeste is joining us and would love to talk with you about prayer, prayer ties, Shabbat, chant, and anything else you’d like to explore with her. This is a special place to meet kindred souls who love talking about prayer.

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