A personal message from Our Lady

Whether you are conscious of it or not, we are now under the magical shadow of the Dark Moon.

Saturday, was day 1 of the dark moon, the day we release our worries and fears into the ground to be received and transmuted by Mother Earth.

Ever since I learned about the power of the dark moon, I have honored this sacred day of release, stopping to identify my fears and pour them into the ground.

And without fail, after I release, I receive a gift. It’s always a surprise. And it’s always something that dramatically deepens my prayer life.

One of those gifts arrived as I was anointing myself on October 28. Suddenly I knew I was to say the rosary.

I was shocked.

But the call was clear, and I know better than to spurn a sacred gift, so ready or not, I picked up my mother’s 70-year old rosary, looked at it with trepidation, took a whole lot of very deep breaths, mustered a dollop of courage, and stepped forward to say my first rosary in 52 years.

As a prayer artist, I know how alive and transformative prayer can be, but I still wasn’t prepared for what happened.

As I walked my living room floor, I felt something moving in me. Softening. Releasing. Opening. Some kind of buried memory was returning. Not a memory of my childhood, but the memory of countless childhoods.

I semi-recognized what was happening because one of the incomprehensible new definitions of prayer that have been given to me is “prayer is a relationship.”

When you pray you are not only in a relationship with prayer itself, but also with everyone who has ever prayed.

As I walked my first rosary, I felt ancestor after ancestor joining me to walk this ancient prayer.

By the time I finished, I realized it had been prayer herself who tapped me as I was anointing. It was prayer who called me to remember the original prayer, the prayer of the goddess.

Prayer before religion. Prayer long after religion.

I’ve now said the ancient goddess rosary—freed of dogmatic words added by the church—for four months, and watched in awe as miracle after miracle arrives.

Here’s just one.

When my sister, who works with immigrants, told me about a woman who was facing deportation because she lied about having children in Africa to save their lives, I jumped online and asked friends to join me in saying the rosary for her. At her next hearing, the judge said he understood why she did what she did and would not deport her. She is now on the path to citizenship.

My experience with the rosary has been so beautiful, so gorgeous, so miraculous that I invited (begged is more like it) Perdita Finn and Clark Strand, authors of The Way of the Rose, to lead us in a prayer intensive so we can all experience the cosmic truth in the rosary.

As we finger the beads, we are remembering what our ancestors did long before any religion—calling upon the Mother to take our hands and show us the way.

In preparation for the prayer intensive opening March 3, I asked Perdita and Clark to please write a message for you. They did far more.

They sent this personal message from The Lady herself. The ultimate message to release fear.

As you read this, remember that when the Divine Feminine speaks, Her words bypass any mental efforts at comprehension and enter your body directly.

Her voice awakens some kind of cellular memory, the same memory that surfaces as we pray Her rosary.

Our Lady Speaks

February 16, 2020

“How will you make yourselves ready for the times to come?

“When you come to the edge of a great river where there are no bridges to traverse or vessels to make safe your passage, you realize that you have reached a limit. What lies before you is an impossible crossing.

“You may think at such moments that you have no choice but to turn back the way you came. But in this case that would mean repeating the same mistakes that led you to this impasse in the first place. This often happened to people in past ages. They came upon a great river which they could neither cross nor retreat from. Nevertheless, they found their way.

“I have set a riddle before you. It appears on all sides. There is no retreat, and there is no going forward. There is no rapture to lift you up into the heavens. There is no descent into a protected place where you can hide from the changes to come. And yet, this riddle has been solved again and again throughout your history.

“You are good at impossible things, just not the ones you imagine. The limits you have pushed through over the last few hundred years—through discovery, innovation, or invention—these are not the real limits. The real limits are the ones you are now approaching and soon will reach.

“Only when you stand before that river will you know what it means to be alive and to be human. You have forgotten what these mean, but you are about to remember, and I will be at your side when you do.”

Note: Perdita and Clark have received a message from Our Lady of Woodstock on the 16th of every month since June of 2011.

In our intensive, we will be blessed to receive Our Lady's March message fresh from Her lips.

We open Tuesday, March 3, and meet on Tuesday March 10 and 17, followed by a celebration on Saturday March 21. Don't worry about missing any of the calls; everything is recorded.

The Radical Path of the Divine Feminine Hidden in the Rosary PRAYER INTENSIVE 

to facing the river holding Her hand, 


PS: A few words from Perdita and Clark

Our Lady, in many of her modern apparitions, has invited people to “pray the rosary” whether they are Catholic or not. In fact, the rosary is older than Christianity, older even than religion, and beads have guided us, as a species, through climate emergencies, global disasters, and personal trials and tribulations for tens of thousands of years. Join us as we explore the possibilities for magic and miracles hidden in this ancestral devotion.

Our Lady has been clear from Her first utterances that great changes are coming to our way of life. What she promises, again and again, is that She will be with us throughout these changes. What is surprising to most people is the way She does this—by teaching us to pray the rosary for our heart's desire.

The Radical Rosary Prayer Intensive

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