A Solstice gift to help bring your sacred desires to life in 2020

I have a special invitation for you that couldn’t come at a more perfect time—Solstice!

We are all getting ready to create not just one new year, but a whole new decade, the decade of 4. I’m immersed in this myself, not only with the Lotus and Lily community that is getting closer to creating our mystical mandalas, but I am also receiving the names and content of all the intensives I’ll offer in 2020 to support us as we create this decade of 4.

The common thread running through all my 2020 intensives is exploring how the Divine Feminine has been hiding in plain sight, right under the noses of patriarchy, waiting to surface to help us create a new way of living together that makes love visible.

You will be the first to hear about the intensives as they unfold.

If that weren’t quite enough for a rich beautiful year, I’m also creating Goddess Rising, an initiation ceremony to embody the Goddess in her 8 faces--her 9th face is yours! And I’m working on a project above and beyond anything I ever thought possible. "If I Forgave You" is a mystical magical multi-media theater piece that holds the potential to heal the sins of patriarchy.

But I’m not the only one experiencing massive creative expression right now.

Everywhere I look, I see women and men saying yes to creating a whole new structure of life that makes love visible. I’m on fire to do my part to bring the Divine Feminine back to earth and turn the corner on patriarchal madness.

So in perfect synchronicity, Keren Brown, my co-guide-ess in the outrageously healing intensive, Healing Your Three Wombs, just invited me to be a part of her December Awakened Midlife Interview Series called Creating 2020 in The Mystery.

I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Because EVERY word of this event vibrates at the deepest level in my heart.

Create—oh yeah. Creativity isn’t something extra or something for special people called artists; it’s who we are. Who we all are.

2020—this most important year is a sacred invitation to create a structure of love and reverence.

In The Mystery—this is where I live, where everyone in communion with the divine lives. This is the home of guidance, grace, and joy.

When we enter theta, we drop down, down, down into the Mystic, the mystery, the home of the Divine Feminine, the treasury of magic.

Keren has invited several other women to share their wisdom in this event, including the incomparable Emma Kupu Mitchell.

Each of us has her own topic. Keren invited me to talk about the theta brain wave state.

Can you think of a better topic for me!

Ever since I discovered that the reason my writing is so wildly effective is because I drop all the way down into theta, I’ve become a deep student of theta.

In the past decade I’ve discovered how to drop into theta not just while writing, but multiple times a day. There is no end to access to theta.

And once in theta, there is no end to the depth and breadth of your creativity, connection, and joy. It is people drenched in the creativity and joy of theta who will change our world.

I hope you'll join Keren and me and five other women guides in an intimate and inward journey to receive and birth your sacred desires for 2020.

This is a no-cost, week-long online event designed to support you in aligning with the natural rhythm of the season and your own inner rhythm as you listen deeply and receive what’s next for your life and work.

We're going way beyond intention setting, goals or resolutions.

This event is about coming home to your truest self in your wise-woman years, and connecting to a deeper, divine feminine source of wisdom, so you can co-create the year (and decade) ahead in a way that nourishes, delights and inspires you.

How it works:

• Each day you’ll receive a new 40-45 minute video direct to your email inbox. As you’re introduced to your guide for the day, she’ll offer an invocation to bring us together in Mystery and presence.

• You will be invited into reflection about the significance of these times in the emerging of a more conscious world, and the unique way that wants to be expressed through you.

• You’ll experience new (and ancient) practices for tuning into and working with the intuition, guidance and energies that are available to you now.

• And you’ll come away with inspiration and tools to create your own sacred process for calling in your full potential in 2020 and beyond.

There’s no rushing or overwhelm here…you’ll have lots of time and spaciousness to watch and receive each recording and work with the mystical and practical tools we are sharing.

Register now. The event opens Monday, December 9 and runs through December 12.

Creating 2020 in The Mystery 

to creating a life that makes love visible,


PS: all my prayer intensives are on sale in December, including Healing Your 3 wombs.

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