A Winter Solstice count-down prayer

2023 the year we learn to listen to life

Week 50--in which we listen to life telling her story in the dark

Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

If this had been an ordinary year, we'd be gathering today, Sunday December 17, for our fifth annual Winter Solstice event with Rabbi Tirzah Firestone and Emma Kupu Mitchell.

But this is not an ordinary year. Emma, who always brings us the celestial wisdom, is in England with family, enjoying long dark wintry nights. Rabbi Tirzah is just completing the 8 days of Chanukah. And me? I am in the wildest and most delicious creative period of my life.

I just completed the richest looking back process in my annual The Lotus and the Lily event. I think it was the richest because 2023 has been so rich. This year, we did something new, and spent two weeks gathering our "harvest," discovering what 2023 has really been about.

I was both surprised and not surprised by the immensity of my harvest.

After all, this was the year we completed the 12-month mystery school Joan of Arc asked us to create. It culminated at the summer solstice with each of us receiving our witch name and our medicine.

My witch name is Whalebone, a name I love and will start using more often. And my medicine? When Whalebone stepped through the veil from the "Not Yet", I asked her what my/our medicine is. She paused. Looked me in the eye and said,

"Sing the song of the whole and holy witch." 

I whispered, "I sing the song of the whole and holy witch," letting the profundity of this calling seep onto my skin and into my body. I thought we were finished, but I felt her staring at me, waiting for me to get something.

Finally, I said, "Oh, but I am not singing, I am being sung."

I've been carrying this witch medicine for six months, and now, in the dark womb of Winter Solstice, I feel that medicine growing, expanding, pushing her roots down through the earth, my earth, my body, to bloom into the fullness of who I came here to be.

So, it's not a surprise that I've spent the last few weeks in a state of creation. And oh, have I got things to create!

After the harvest experience, we went into a meditative journey with Cathy Stevens Pratt to receive a seed from the life that wants to be lived. In the journey, I received "sing, pray, create."

In our deep soul writing meditations, we always ask the Beloved "Do you have a final kiss for me?" And without fail, She does. And it's always a surprise. And it's always bigger than anything we could have thought of on our own.

My kiss: "Become the prayer artist you came here to be."

That landed like a command. A command I wasn't sure I knew how to fulfill. But that's not my job. I know that. So I just said, "yes." Immediately, I began to receive detailed instructions on all I am to create in 2024. Sometimes in deep soul writing. Often in the middle of the night, and always on the pillow before I'm fully awake. I call that liminal time "morning theta" but I should call it "morning magic."

I know now that I will be offering only 4 intensives in 2024: The next two intensives in The A.R.T. of Becoming a witch sequence, a special event for the witches, and my annual year-ending Lotus and Lily.

A.R.T. 3

  • 77 days in Feb-Mar-April
  • Around the Spring Aries Equinox
  • Third of seven intensives in The Witch Sequence.
  • In each intensive, we receive one of our seven original sacramental witch gifts. The third gift is Original Prayer.

A.R.T. 4

  • 77 days in Aug-Sept-Oct
  • Around the Fall Libra Equinox
  • Fourth of seven intensives in The Witch Sequence
  • Our fourth sacramental gift is Myrrhophore Anointing


  • June
  • How to create your personal book of enchantments
  • Designed for members of The Witch Sequence

The Lotus and the Lily

  • mid November to mid December
  • annual intensive to honor the year ending and make a mandala to welcome the life that wants to be lived in the year coming

So, although it wasn't my plan, it turns out to be a blessing to be given the entire month of December to "become the prayer artist I came here to be." 

In lieu of the solstice gathering, here is a prayer I received in 2021 for that year's Solstice Gathering. Take it, it's yours. You might like to say it every day between now and the 21st. It's a count-down prayer. 

This photo was taken by Cathy Stevens Pratt with whom I collaborate on The Witch Sequence. 

In 4 Days

Janet Conner

In 4 days, the light will pierce the darkness
as light has since the beginning of time

In 4 days, the seed of a divine child
will be planted in a divine mother

And the story of life begetting life
will be told once more

It may be told around Yule fires
It may be told around Christmas trees
It may be told with Shabbat candles
It may be told in mosques and churches,
temples and fields

But none of these places own the story

The story came first
This story is the most ancient of all stories
This story is the story of life

In 4 days, an invisible new life
will nestle into your womb

In 4 days, she will, oh so gently,
begin to sing her song—
a song you have not heard before

In 4 days, a precious seed
of your sacred medicine

Medicine you and you alone
can present to the world
will begin to speak

She may whisper in your ear
She may walk across your dreams
She may appear at your window
She may rustle your hair

You may look in the mirror one day and—oh!
You may pick up your journal one morning and—oh!
You may be stirring a pot,
folding clothes or staring into the fire

And oh! you realize

You—you—are a divine mother

You—you—have received a secret gift

You—you—will soon give birth


You—you—are carrying a divine child

A child who asks you to care for her
until she is ready to fly, fly, away

In 4 days, on the precious eve of Winter Solstice
the ancient story of the magical return of the light
will be told once more

Are you the one telling it?
Are you the one hearing it?
Are you the one receiving it?

Are you the magician?
Or are you the magic?

Or are they the same thing?

If you'd like to give yourself a powerful Solstice present, consider the 2024 Dream Fields Come Alive forecast that Emma Kupu Mitchell, Marcia Wade and I created.

It's so much more than a forecast. It's a year-long feast.

  • Part 1 covering January through the Aries Equinox is ready.
  • Part 2 will be recorded January 5.
  • Part 3 will come in spring.
  • Emma sent a small fortune in bonus gifts including insights into the number 8.
  • Marcia's bonuses are in two parts. The first is a detailed outline of the massive celestial events of the first half of 2024, month by month, week by week. This isn't just a bonus, it's a treasure! (The second half of the year will come when we record Part 3)

Follow the link below to purchase the forecast.

Then click on the active link on your PayPal receipt and you’ll arrive at a Thank You page with the URL for the forecast and the password. Bookmark that page so you can always return to the forecast.

The Thank You page also has links to Cathy's website, as well as Marcia's and Emma's.

The forecast will be available all year.

If you have any problems purchasing the forecast, send me an email.

2024: The Year the Dream Fields Come Alive

To welcoming the story within


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