Anxiety? Disturbed sleep and digestion? Mother Moon Yoga is coming!

I have much to share with you today—the big news is that Mother Moon Yoga will be open later this week.

But first, I have a question: Do you feel a slight tickle on your cheeks? That’s me!

That’s all the kisses I blew at the computer screen as I read email after email from so many of you blessing me and supporting me and yelling, “You go girl!” in response to my first newsletter naming and claiming the sacred epithet of Witch.

You confirmed what I know in my gut is true.

The time is now for each and every woman to step forward naming and claiming her innate somatic Feminine Divine reality.

It is only through us that She can walk in freedom and beauty once more on this, Her sacred earth.

But although I feel very centered in this sacred calling and have begun to write a fairytale-like story about the re-sacralization of this precious word, that doesn’t mean I’m not scared.

That word still has the power to terrify. Somewhere deep in our bones, we know what was done to women with that word.

So this past week I had trouble sleeping. Difficulty sleeping is not new. Not for me and not for many other women.

But I notice that an inordinate number of women are talking on Facebook about intense feelings of anxiety—anxiety that is showing up in digestive problems and sleep issues.

I have been intimate with both digestive and sleep problems.

The digestive issues resolved themselves when I left the highly toxic career of headhunting and a highly toxic marriage. (Details in Writing Down Your Soul.) Getting out of toxicity does wonders for the body.

But the sleep issues have returned.

If you were reading me four years ago, you might remember that I was wracked with nightmares every night throughout September and October leading up to the American election. I would wake with a pounding heart and sweat-drenched pajamas.

No matter what I did, I couldn’t stop the nightmares.

Those nightmares turned out to be harbingers of the reality we are now living. Only what is happening is worse than even I imagined. And I had a pretty good picture of what was coming.

You see, I grew up steeped in the conspiratorial thinking of the original radical right. In 1958, my parents became the first members of the John Birch Society in the city of Chicago. My home was ground zero for all the radical right-wing thinkers of the time. In today’s terms, you would say I grew up in QAnon and Breitbart. I’m afraid my parents would have invited Steve Bannon to dinner.

My father was a very good speaker and a true believer, so reporters flocked to interview him. He was constantly being quoted in the Chicago Sun Times.

It all came to a head in 1961 when my family was photographed saying the pledge of Allegiance at a “secret” meeting of the John Birch Society in our living room and it ended up being the feature article and cover of Life Magazine.

That was the last straw, and my father’s business partners demanded he leave Chicago. That’s how I ended up finishing high school in Wisconsin.

So trust me when I say that I really do know what the radical right wants. But you don’t have to guess very hard what that might be. You can see it all unraveling before your very eyes.

So, I wasn’t really surprised when the nightmares started up again.

The good news is they’re not as bad as four years ago. I think that’s because I’ve spent the last four years opening to the living reality of the Feminine Divine in me and embracing my role as Her prayer artist.

But please don’t think that that means it’s easy.

Being alive during this time of transition is hard. We're moving from toxic patriarchy to…well, to what?

That’s the big question, isn’t it? What are we creating?

  • What kind of world can we create if we come together bearing hearts filled with love, not hate and fear.
  • What kind of world could we create with love for Mother Earth, love for the Feminine Divine, love for all Her children, love for justice and equality, wisdom, beauty, and truth.
  • That’s what keeps me going. I call that world The Garden of Reverence, but you can call it something else.
  • The point is that it is woven together with millions of threads of love.
  • That world is not only possible, she’s on the way to paraphrase Arundhati Roy.
  • But first, we have to live with the demise of the old world.

The astrological portents are clear. They may not be pretty in the short term. But the time of Her return is at hand. The five thousand years of patriarchal abuse are coming to an end.

And much of that anxiety and fear we are all feeling so intensely right now simply means that we are awake. Our bodies, especially our feminine bodies, are aware of what’s happening even if mentally we can’t identify it.

So how do we move through this? That’s the question I’ve been pondering in deep soul writing all summer.

My personal part was to name and claim the power of the Goddess moving through me by naming and claiming the title witch. But that might not be your calling.

Something is calling, however. Something wants to be expressed in and through and as you.

That something is your contribution to the creation of a world of love with reverence for Mother Earth and all her children.

These remaining four months in 2020 feel like a pregnancy. If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know that heavy feeling.

  • Can’t sleep well.
  • Digestion is a mess.
  • So much fear about the baby’s health, money…
  • Worries about how to balance family, home, relationship, and work.
  • So many unanswered questions.
  • And yet you have to do something. So you go to birth classes.
  • You read books about pregnancy and birth.
  • You pay attention to your diet.
  • You paint the nursery, buy baby clothes
  • Let your friends give you a baby shower….

All of that applies to September, October, November, and December of this year.

We are all pregnant with something unknown. But something we are willing to change our lives to birth. Something we are ready to love.

So I have three offerings that may help.

  1. First, Mother Moon Yoga opens on the Eve of the Dark Moon on Tuesday, September 15. My web team is scrambling to bring it to life for you and it will be open for registration by Thursday, September 10.As soon as it’s ready I’ll send a special Notes from the Field so you can register. Watch for it this coming Thursday.
  2. Second, I’m working with Emma Kupu Mitchell to create a very special 3-session intensive in October to help us create a solid HOME in our bodies, our environment, and our prayers to carry us through this very intense period of upheaval. Jot down the dates, October 13, 20, 27.
    The intensive doesn’t even have a name yet—something about HOME. It has to be about home because when the election finally came to pass four years ago and I had a strange dream in which I was given the 1 of Hearts card and told “this is the mystical trump card.” The Masters and Teachers of the Akashic Record helped me understand the dream and the card by saying, “Everyone feels homeless.” I think I am finally beginning to understand what they were trying to teach me.
  3. Finally, we will gather to create 2021 in The Lotus and the Lily starting Monday, November 16. Everyone loves that intensive and the mandalas we create, and it always sells out, but this year—my Goddess but we need to create 2021 with outrageous doses of strength and love!

So today, I just want to give you a taste of Mother Moon Yoga. Here are the opening paragraphs on the landing page. I thought you might like to read this in advance.

What is Mother Moon Yoga?

Mother Moon Yoga is a re-remembering, a re-birthing, a re-aligning with the original mystical essence of yoga. Yoga as we know it in the West has become very masculinized with an emphasis on strength and physical performance. But at its origin, yoga was and is a sacred communion with The Goddess, The Mother. Yoga at its heart is simply prayer. It is breath. It is gentle organic dance. Original yoga is a hymn your body sings in response to the sacred rhythms of life, of Mother Earth, and of our sweet Mother Moon.

There is nothing quite like Mother Moon Yoga. It brings together not only the sacred lineages of multiple forms of yoga, but also the astrological wisdom of the Moon, the gifts of full body anointing, the ancient vibrations of the hymns and mantras of our ancestors, all coming together to be integrated in the sacred practice of deep soul writing.

Together, these mystical practices awaken the living presence of the Feminine Divine within waiting for expression in and through and as you.

to finding the strength, beauty, and love to move through chaos to create a world of reverence for all,


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