The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch Prayer Intensive

How to Awaken, Remember, and Trust your Body’s Natural Intuitive Senses

Such a Soul often hears what she does not
and often sees what she sees not,
and so often she is there where she is not,
and so often she feels what she feels not.

Marguerite Porete, 12th century mystic burned as a witch
for refusing to renounce her book The Mirror of Simple Souls
on how to connect directly with Divine Presence


What is The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch prayer intensive?

This prayer intensive positively explodes the meaning of the words prayer or intensive. This isn’t news, really. We’ve been stretching what’s possible in each successive intensive since the first in 2018. And whether you’ve followed that trail with me and discovered the radical magic that happens in the Theatre of the Miraculous, or are discovering the world of prayer intensives for the first time, you are welcome here. 

You’re here for a reason. Someone called you. Someone nudged you. Someone invisible. Someone who loves you and knows you’re ready to begin to see and hear what the world does not want you to see and hear. Someone who knows that The Age of Aquarius is at hand and you are needed. You have a part to play. A part you’ve been waiting your whole life to say yes to. 

Take your time perusing this page. My witch-magician friends, plant whisperer Emma Kupu Mitchell, mediums Suzi von Mensenkampff and Ramzi Cheety, and sacred image artist, Cathy Pratt, and I created this page to paint as accurate a picture as we can of an experience for which there is no precedence. In one way, I can describe it simply. You will invite your 3-year-old self to awaken from her long slumber under patriarchal left-brain conditioning and return to help you remember what she always knew: the world is alive. Or, I can say it’s about learning principles of mediumship, mastery of the mystical theta brain wave state, how to communicate with plants and animals, astral projection, calling the dead, and trusting your guidance. Both descriptions are accurate. In fact, they’re the same thing. Your greatest teacher in The A.R.T of Becoming a Witch is yourself, your sweet, playful, pre-programmed child-self. 

In this intensive, you will meet and learn from brilliant witch-magicians. And experiment with their ideas on your own and in small self-selected groups. There will be massive support materials on the resource page and additional opportunities to gather in small groups to talk about your experiences. 

Experience is the key word. You will learn much, but the real learning is in the doing, the experimenting, the experiencing for yourself that the world is conscious, alive, and waiting to meet you once you have eyes that see what is not and ears that hear what is not. 


Witches, Magicians, and Familiars. Oh My!

Ever since Rabbi Tirzah Firestone sent an endorsement calling me a “prayer artist, scholar, and 21st century witch,” I have dedicated myself to transmuting this word away from the patriarchal definition of evil old hag back to its original meaning: a beautiful wise woman exhibiting her sacramental gifts. Eventually, I arrived at this definition: A witch is a spiritually independent woman who prays in the thresholds between worlds. But there’s always more, isn’t there. 

On February 18, the members of Songlines gathered for a dark moon ceremony to meet Our Lady. And seer Sabin Bailey, who has the richest relationship with Our Lady of anyone I’ve ever known, showed us the Tarot cards Our Lady had chosen. The first was 1 The Magician. Sabin said, “The Magician is the Witch card.” Then she said, “Every prayer is a spell.” In that moment, my two callings—prayer artist and mystic witch—merged into one. And the Sacred Feminine, to whom I have been devoted for 9 years, arrived with a new name and radiant face: Our Lady, Queen of Magicians. Immediately, She began to talk. She dictated the new anointing, and began feeding me instructions on what we need to step into the fullness of our Witch-Magician selves.

One of her instructions is to invite everyone to bring their Familiar to every gathering and begin to have daily conversations. My Familiar is Hyldemoer of Wyrd, who is always on my altar. And who has plenty to say! Who is yours? Your Familiar might be a figure you love, an animal guide, a doll, a stone…there is no end to who it might be. Look around. Notice who’s there. Ask who wants to be your companion throughout this intensive. Then, bring your friend to our Opening Ceremony for a Blessing of the Familiars.

Foundational Truths 

“For if we should recapture the response of the heart to what is presented to the senses, go below the surface of sensory inputs to what is held inside them, touch again the ‘metaphysical background’ that expresses them, we would begin to experience, once more, the world as it really is: alive, aware, interactive, communicative, filled with soul, and very, very intelligent—and we, only one tiny part of that vast scenario.” Stephen Harrod Buhner, Plant Intelligence

  1. The world is a Who—everything is alive, aware, conscious, intelligent and communicating
  2. Our child-self remembers that we are born mystics, able to see what is not visible and communicate with plants, animals, rocks, and invisible beings like angels and ancestors
  3. The imaginal realm is real, vibrant, and present within the physical realm
  4. We can train ourselves to access the imaginal in the mystical theta brainwave state
  5. A witch is a penultimate magician—the person needed most at this transition of human epochs
  6. All prayers are spells

Why now and why us?

We stand at the threshold of civilizational change. One human epoch is melting away, another is being born. In this birth canal, the crusty old patriarchal standards of judgment, hierarchy, and domination are dying to make room for a new way of living in harmony with Mother Earth and all Her creatures. The tide can no longer be pushed back or ignored. Too many of us have opened our eyes and peeled away the lies that religion, government, culture, and commerce have told us about who we are and how we are to live in a world they divided into winners—themselves—and losers—everyone and everything else. We speak of this new way of living as “The Age of Aquarius.” And it is we, the witches and magicians called to remember just how intelligent and creative our beautiful bodies are, who will birth and nurture and love this age into fullness. 

What are your 5 natural intuitive senses?

Aurora by Cathy Pratt

You’ve heard the words clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance, and know they mean clear seeing, clear hearing, clear feeling, and clear knowing in French. But you’ve probably wondered what they really are, and why it seems so difficult to develop them—never mind rely on and trust them. You might have also heard of bi-location, although most of us assume only very holy beings can be in two places at once. (Cue World War II pilots seeing Padre Pio flying in the sky with his hand out, blocking them from dropping their bombs!) But these capabilities are neither rare or foreign. They are actually how we are wired as human animals walking an alive and vibrant Earth. You instinctively know this is. Somewhere in your body, your three-year-old self is still there, remembering that animals can talk and people can fly.  

During our 12 weeks together, we will explore all five mystical senses, each one for two weeks filled with fun experiments. Once we know how to see with all our eyes and hear with all our ears and feel with our entire body, we will awake to a world overflowing with wonder, magic, and aliveness. And we will celebrate our beautiful brilliant bodies—just as Our Lady, Queen of Magicians made us. 

Your five Natural Intuitive Senses are:

  1. Blind Vision—see what you do not see
  2. Silent Listening—hear what you do not hear
  3. Touchless Touch—feel what you do not feel
  4. Unconscious Knowing—know what you do not know
  5. Time-less Travel—be where you are not

What is the Theatre of the Miraculous?

as our community gathers we become individual and collective containers
for the contained to be present, heard, seen, and felt

unexpected conceptions happen and with those seeds 

we receive everything we need to become living conduits 

and birth our whole and holy witch to heal the wasteland

What will we explore together?

Opening Ceremony—the awakening begins

The Moment: Cosmythologist Marcia Wade and Shamanic Astrologer Emma Kupu Mitchell will inaugurate our intensive by reminding us that powerful cosmic being are present and supporting us throughout this 80-day window and beyond as we re-member who we really are. 

The Meaning: Janet will talk about our sacred purpose in this time of transition

The Goddess: We will welcome Our Lady, Queen of Magicians, a new and most precious emanation of the Eternal Feminine, and Aurora, our witch-magician mirror, through the eyes of sacred portrait artist, Cathy Pratt

The Anointing: Emma will describe the oil Mary Magdalene, Madame Pele, and Black Moon Lilith dictated and Cathy will share what Black Moon Lilith told her. Janet will share how she received A Magician’s Anointing Spell, how radically different this is from all previous anointings, and lead us in our first anointing

A Blessing of the Familiars: Janet will lead us in welcoming our Familiars in the Theatre of the Miraculous and talk about how they will accompany us throughout this intensive

Our Witch-Magicians: our guides will introduce themselves with stories of their initiation into their mystic witch intuitive capacities  

We Begin: Surrounded by love, we will have our first A.R.T. experience 


Five Intuitive Sense Gatherings

Each intuitive sense gathering will include:

Open the curtains in the Theatre of the Miraculous and create sacred safe space with ritual
Invocation—Our Lady, Queen of Magicians, Archangels Luci and Michael, our Mystic Families, and Joan of Arc
Blessing—our A.R.T. altars and Familiars with Becoming oil, spritzer, candle
AnointingA Magician’s Anointing Spell

Open portal to a natural intuitive sense
Stories from our guides that illustrate that this intuitive sense is real and trustworthy
Teachings on how to awaken, remember, and trust this sense
Exercises to experiment with this sense first as a whole group and then in breakout groups
Closing experience of this sense in the Theatre of the Miraculous

Close the curtains with prayer 

Gathering 1: Blind Vision—see what you do not see


mediums, Suzi von Menzenkampff and Ramzi Cheety
Her Sacred Image artist, Cathy Pratt 


  • realize how little of the full spectrum of light humans see in comparison to other animals, and what we can learn from creatures who see so much more
  • explore our multiple eyes within and outside our bodies
  • experiment with how to drop into the mystical theta brainwave state and see beyond what our physical eyes perceive  

Gathering 2: Silent Listening— hear what you do not hear


mystic witch and prayer artist, Janet Conner
plant whisperer and sacred sound healer, Emma Kupu Mitchell  


  • consider the vast hearing capabilities of our animal, plant, and rock friends
  • explore the diverse location of “ears” in, outside, and around our bodies, especially the thymus
  • explore endless ways to “hear” including soul writing, morning theta, dreaming, external and internal voices, silent voices, messages within or under physical sounds like birdsong, and many more
  • begin a relationship by dropping anthropocentric assumptions, stepping into another being’s presence with humility, asking if they’d like to share their song, and offering gratitude 
  • discover who is speaking and trust what you are “hearing” 

Gathering 3: Touchless touch— feel what you do not feel 


mediums, Suzi von Menzenkampff and Ramzi Cheety
Hawaiian Shaman, Kahu Lāhela Johnson


  • what we can learn from the Hawaiian shamanic tradition and all indigenous traditions about the body as a total, brilliant, reliable brain
  • consider the endless receptors animals use to perceive their environment 
  • explore how your body perceives: gut feeling, intuition, smell, queasiness, anxiety, chicken skin…everyone has multiple sensors for yes, no, pay attention
  • discover what your body knows that you do not; how to feel the energy of a room, a place, a person, a moment, a possibility—and trust what you feel  

Gathering 4: Unconscious Knowing— know what you do not know 


mediums, Suzi von Menzenkampff and Ramzi Cheety


  • consider the mystical paradox of unconscious knowing by surrendering the need to know and stepping into the limitless potential of unknowing 
  • explore how mediums practice perceiving messages through all portals: sight, sound, feeling, smelling…
  • practice psychic readings with one another 
  • discuss how to trust what you perceive

Gathering 5: Time-less travel—be where you are not 


medium, Suzi von Menzenkampff, who studied astral travel through Robert Monroe, Deepak Chopra, and Yogananda
mystic witch, Janet Conner, who has often commanded dead people and animal guides to appear—and they have appeared


  • stories of people being seen and heard where they are not from mystics of all traditions  
  • experiment with calling someone or something to be somewhere they are not and make themselves known
  • ask your three-year-old self to invite you to return to your bedroom, closet, favorite toy…
  • gather as a community in Cathy’s Journey Cave and share what we experience and see there
  • mirror Aurora: stretch our branches up and roots down to connect with ley-lines of the earth and light-lines of the air 
  • in guided meditation with Suzi, we will press a magic button on google earth, and ask Mother Earth where she’d like us to go, then go!

Closing Celebration—celebrate all we have awakened, remembered, and learned to trust

Prayer intensives in the Theatre of the Miraculous always conclude with a mystical party, a celebration created by the members. These celebrations are delicious ecstatic experiences. And this one! Given our intention to awaken our witch-magician capabilities, to walk the world in the mystical theta brain wave state, to remember our brilliant three-year old selves…who knows how magical this celebration will be. We know one thing. It will be epic!


What will you receive?

Seven 2 ¼ hour live gatherings with prayer artist and mystic witch Janet Conner, mediums Suzi von Menzenkampff and Ramzi Cheety, plant whisperer and sacred sound healer Emma Kupu Mitchell, sacred portrait artist and voice of Archangel Michael Cathy Pratt, and several special guest teachers.

Access to a password-protected resource page with recordings of all gatherings in both video and audio formats, plus:

Welcome Materials

  • Welcome Handbook PDF including background information, introduction to familiars, extensive bibliography, and suggestions on how to form small practice pods 
  • Prayer Handbook PDF with our core A.R.T prayers

Bonus Videos to Meet Our Witch-Magician Guides as they tell the story of how and when they first realized magic is real:

  • Emma Kupu Mitchell—near-death experience at 21
  • Ramzi Cheety—saw himself living in Canada and speaking English while he was living in war torn Lebanon speaking Arabic
  • Suzi von Menzenkampff—demanded “If you want me to go to America on retreat, send a neon sign.” 15 minutes later the phone rang
  • Janet Conner—when her ex-husband died she prayed, “You can do for us there what you couldn’t do here.” Her family and therapist told her to stop “magical thinking.” But she kept praying. One month later a life insurance check arrived for $322,000  
  • Cathy Pratt—experienced switching bodies with a young boy, then found the boy and his house in real life

Bonus Videos on Foundational Practices

  • Introduction on safety protocols for yourself and others
  • Cathy Pratt on how to create your own sacred and safe Journey Cave—a place you can go every day to meet your guides and from there travel anywhere at all 
  • Emma Kupu Mitchell and Janet Conner on protocols to commune with a plant or animal being
  • Suzi von Mensenkampff on inexplicable mystical adventures in Bhutan and Ireland that put her psychic gifts into context 
  • Seven Steps to Get into Theta by Janet Conner 

Bonus Videos on the Anointing 

  • Janet Conner on A Magician’s Anointing Spell 
  • Emma Kupu Mitchell on the Becoming Anointing Oil 

Support Materials on our 5 intuitive senses

  • bonus videos on each of the 5 intuitive senses
  • PDFs with both individual and small group exercises on each sense

Membership in a private Facebook discussion group (optional) 



The investment for this 12-week, life-changing intensive is $202.

Your Magician-Witch Guides

Janet Conner

I am a prayer artist, mystic witch, creator in the Theatre of the Miraculous, and mistress of the Threshold—the mystical theta brain wave state. But first and always, a devoted daughter of the Sacred Feminine. My first book, Writing Down Your Soul, was a surprising success and led to The Lotus and The Lily, Soul Vows, and more. All that was only the warmup. In the dark one morning in 2018, my beloved voice whispered prayer artist in my left ear. I knew prayer artist would change everything, but I said yes anyway. I began writing a new genre of prayer, redefining prayer, and offering radical prayer intensives. Two years later, witch arrived in a stunning endorsement from Rabbi Tirzah Firestone. I was ecstatic; my agent was not. I ended that relationship to follow witch where she wanted me to go. She knew exactly what she wanted: transmute witch from a word that strikes terror back into an honorific that awakens a bone-deep memory of being revered for our spiritual gifts. 

I trust witch. I trusted her when she asked me to create The Return of the Witches Jeanne d’Arc Listening Pilgrimage. I trusted her when she asked for a year-long mystery school Re-membering the Songlines of the Witches. I trusted her when she insisted I gather a team to create The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch: How to Awaken, Remember, and Trust Your Body’s Natural Intuitive Senses. As that intensive was ending, witch guided me to see that ART wasn’t one intensive; it was the first of 7 in The Witch Sequence—an 7-circuit labyrinth walk to awaken all 7 of our original sacramental gifts. As my collaborators and I listened intently to what wanted to be created, we began to see a sacred purpose far beyond anything we could imagine. We are here to walk this path, embody these 7 sacred gifts, and become a truly whole and holy witch because this is the way we heal the wasteland. It may be the only way we can heal the wasteland. 

To do this profound witch work, I need massive amounts of time in silence and mystical theta. I think that’s why witch is holding me in Ozona, a tiny village on the Gulf of Mexico, where I am surrounded by screeching ospreys, swooping woodstorks, and one very precious redtail hawk.

Emma Kupu Mitchell

Aloha! I'm Emma Kupu Mitchell, a Spiritual and Creative guide for women in Midlife (and beyond). As a practitioner of holistic therapies for 33 years, I use my extensive knowledge of ancient healing practices (medicines) to help you understand and discover new depths of Self. My focus is to support you living the second half of life with greater vitality, clarity and confidence and be in alignment with who you really are on a Soul level. Weaving shamanic astrology, creative visual journaling (CVJ), plant medicine, and many yin practices in a new online Midlife Immersion community, I support your journey in finding deeper meaning, purpose and wholeness at this sacred time in life.

I believe Hawaii called me (all the way from England where I was born and lived for the first 30 years of my life!) to this ancient energetic land – the heart chakra of Mother Earth, the perfect location to hear the senses of our Soul and to be in harmony with nature and our natural rhythms and cycles of Midlife. 

I value and celebrate creativity of all kinds and the beauty of nature as a Spiritual practice and I strongly believe our senses are the pathways to healing and medicine for the Soul.

Suzi von Mensenkampff

Suzi von Mensenkampff has been a Chopra Instructor for many years, rooted in the ancient wisdom traditions of Vedanta. Her direct experiences with altered states of consciousness sparked her curiosity and is the inspiration for a book she is researching and currently writing. She believes that Extra Sensory Perception ESP is everyone’s birthright. Suzi has been developing her intuition, psychic skills and mediumship by practicing regularly with an online community. For many years she tried shutting it down because of her conditioned fear, but with the support of her mentor she has accepted this ability and realized that it is actually a great and wonderful gift. She developed a series of practices that helped expand her perception and train her mind to navigate these states with a lighthearted approach and she looks forward to sharing them with you on A.R.T.!

“Imagine a world where we valued and used all of the gifts we were born with; this is the world where I choose to live.” - SvM

Ramzi Cheety

From childhood to young adulthood, Ramzi Cheety lived through war, which is where his spiritual being evolved. Ramzi volunteered with the Red Cross during the war, which allowed him to help others. Although war is not something that we ever praise, the opportunity that was given to Ramzi, due to the war, ignited his passion to give to and help others. This new spark led him to helping others understand the true meaning of life, who they are and why they are here. Ramzi’s passion is to empower others to practice this understanding in all areas of their lives – emotional, financial, and relationships – and at both the personal and professional levels. These events also kindled a passion in him to facilitate healing in others, through a calling as a spiritual healer.

Ramzi is also a VP Finance for a multinational company. Finance is also a major passion for Ramzi. Through his 1-on-1 work with clients, he realized that people did not have a clear and truthful relationship with money which created blockages along the way. Ramzi uses NLP & hypnosis that allows the client to see the blockages and work with them to clear them. Clients are always amazed by how fast changes occur.

As a healer, Ramzi is a catalyst for healing and positive change for others, by being: a Reiki Master Level 4; Therapeutic Touch Practitioner; Polarity Therapist; Licensed NLP Practitioner; Nokti practitioner; and also holds a Law of Attraction Certificate. Ramzi is also a Psychic Medium helping others find peace and closure.

Cathy Stevens Pratt

Once upon a time a little girl knew she was a witch. She lived with impenetrable corn fields on all sides. Sneezing and eating corn, I played in the magical woods, prayed the rosary walking around the pond with my grandmother, and made magical potions with my cat. Catholic school happened. I got a degree in art and morphed into a professional graphic designer and illustrator. I lived my life as a respectable adult pumping out work in the advertising and design industry for years. That was not my ideal life so I turned into a freelance artist and hit the road with my partner. We lived and worked all over this country for 10 years saving our money and seeing what we could see. 

Moving around taught me people are good and reminded me what I know in my bones: that the world is alive. Everything is alive. The trees, rocks, plants, creatures, clouds and stars all speak to me when I listen.

Now I am an artist, mom, partner, and creator, living on the dark side of a gentle mountain in the middle of sweet Vermont. Here trees fall, winds howl, winter is brutal, summer is vibrant, water trickles and rages, and I am visited by many woodland creatures. The combination of being surrounded by wild beauty and a daily practice of Deep Soul Writing opened me to listen to my voices and to see images in the unseen realms. Images come from time spent in my forest cathedral outdoors and mix into my interior imaginal realm. My art studio is my inner void; that’s where the paintings emerge. This sacred art is not mine; it comes through me. I simply receive, then pick up pens, brushes, paint, ground lichen or walnut husks, and make those images real. 

Besides my art method changing completely over the last few years, deep inner work opened the door to sharing what I know in my bones of the stories of the Tarot. I’ve lived lives where I was tortured and killed because I shared my inner knowing. Moving through that fear and anger, all the way to forgiveness with Janet Conner and her teachings and community, has changed my life. The fear is gone! My once hidden cards are out in the light of day, whispering their messages in readings for individuals and groups. This makes me very happy.

My creations include custom rosaries and malas. I use my intuition to choose beads, talismans, outdoor objects etc., so I can support you in expressing your deepest devotions and desires. I also needlefelt mystical dolls who bring magic, strength, humor, and inspiration to those the dolls are made for. The dolls are created around a curated medicine bundle with wool and treasures from the woods. Dolls and rosaries are prayers in fiber and beads and they are powerful. Supporting others in their personal and creative journeys gives me great joy.

Marcia Wade

I haven’t always been an astrologer. What I am is someone who’s been looking at the stars all my life. My first memory is of the star we call “Sun” pouring light through one of those starlight-metabolizers we call trees, and knowing it was love, and very much alive. I have as many memories of stars from childhood as I do of my parents or my siblings. Not until I was almost 30 did I learn there was a language called astrology that decided maps of the stars. That was shortly before I first had the star chart of my birth read to me. On that day I made a vow that I would learn everything I could about these beings who made every atom of my body, and yours, and every quirk and possibility I contain.

That was 40 years ago and I’m still learning. Along the way I’ve studied the myths of many ancient cultures, I’ve made pilgrimages to sacred sites around the world, I’ve looked through dozens and dozens of telescopes, and I’ve read thousands of star charts. As our understanding of what this Cosmos we are part of has exploded into a universe of possibility, so has my understanding of what our stat charts say about us. One of those new discoveries is an edge-dweller named Chaos. The ancient Greeks said she is the primordial mother of all that ever was and ever will be, the fertile possibility of the cosmic creation grounds. In my chart, Chaos is at the Aries Point, where everything begins anew. In the 2nd House of my birth chart, she is my resource, what I most value, and the foundation of my self-worth. And more than anything else, it is she who has shown me how right I was to see the stars as love.

Kahu Lāhela Johnson

I am a native Hawaiian spiritual healing guide from Hawaiʻi, on the island of Oʻahu. I lead a practice of healing through forgiveness that I co-created with my guides called Hana I Ka Pono. This practice helps you cleanse, clear, and release connections to past hurt, pain, trauma, old beliefs, and patterns that block you from stepping into your power, speaking your truth, and owning your sovereignty and your gifts. This practice also releases you from multi-generational pain and suffering. Profound change, healing, clarity, balance, harmony, inner peace, and a sense of lightness and connectedness result from daily practice, reminding you that you are not separate from Source, but that you are an integral cell within the body of the whole.