5th Annual Astrology Forecast

Michael Head Shot 1

Dr Michael Lennox

Astrologer, Psychologist, Dream Expert

vertical poet

Janet Conner

Prayer Artist

Join Janet Conner as she welcomes Dr. Michael Lennox for a dynamic conversation about the astrological forecast for 2019.

This enormous shift in consciousness that began in 2018 will wrap up in the first few months of 2019. Then we begin preparation for 2020, one of the biggest energetic years any of us alive today have ever seen. How you move through 2019 will have a direct impact on how you receive the enormous wave that’s coming.

Here are just some of the highlights for the 2019 forecast:

  • North Node in Cancer—ushering in a focus on the Divine Feminine
  • Uranus moving into Taurus—shifting how sudden changes occur
  • Chiron crossing the Pisces/Aries birth canal—bringing a new healing presence on the planet
  • Jupiter in his ruling sign of Sagittarius—increasing what it is possible to manifest
  • Saturn in his ruling sign of Capricorn—intensifying karmic lessons

The event was held on Jan. 5, 2019. You may purchase the video and audio to listen at your convenience.