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A non-forecast forecast of celestial guidance in 2022 with Star Sister, Marcia Wade and Elemental Astrologer and Depth Numerologist, Emma Kupu Mitchell

Video 1 with Star Sister Marcia Wade

Marcia Wade

On Marcia’s website, she writes: “Your life’s story is a cosmic story—just like mine is. Like you, every atom in my body was made in a star. The ceaseless vibrations of every spinning, pulsing particle in the cosmos is constantly messaging the molecules of my dreams and the atoms of my soul–just like yours. The universe is within you.”

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Video 2 with Elemental Astrologer & Depth Numerologist Emma Kupu Mitchell

Emma Kupu Mitchell

On her newly updated site, Emma writes: “I hold space for women to slow down, simplify life, and alight to the rhythms of nature and your Soul.” And describes herself as “Your guide to decoding your Soul’s Path through the wisdom teachings of the Sky and Earth.” (I couldn’t have said it better myself!)