6th Annual Astrology Forecast

This astrology forecast was recorded Monday, January 6, 2020. You can purchase access to the video recording, audio recording and slides used in the presentation.

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Dr Michael Lennox

Astrologer, Psychologist, Dream Expert

Michael Lennox is a brilliant astrologer and symbologist. We are blessed to receive his astrology forecast on January 6, 2020.

In perfect synchronicity, January 6 is Epiphany, a date that celebrates the arrival of astrologers from the East who followed the guidance of the stars to arrive at the place of a divine birth.

This is the fourth year Janet Conner has invited Michael Lennox to share his insights into the wisdom and symbology of the stars and planets, to help us all become aware of and learn to follow the guidance of the universe.

Michael’s forecasts have helped us prepare for and move through the massive shifts of consciousness and healing of the last four years. Now, we stand at the cusp of 2020, a year pregnant with potential for humanity to come together to create a whole new structure for life—a structure of reverence and love. After five thousand years of patriarchal conditioning, we are called to change. And our sisters and brothers, the stars and planets, can show us how.

Here are just a few highlights, Dr. Lennox will explore with us:

  • Saturn and Pluto meet up in Capricorn in January, and spend all year together, bringing enormous change (Pluto) together with the responsibility to do the Karmic work at hand (Saturn).
  • Jupiter, the Great Expander, will also move through Capricorn next year, bringing his wave of largess to everything else that is happening in the cosmos, and that will make everything that occurs more powerful, and therefore more intense.
  • The Nodes of the Moon will change signs, signaling a shift in how we find our direction forward.
  • Two important eclipse seasons and three Mercury retrogrades.
  • Finally, he’ll share a sign by sign horoscope of how the year will hit you personally.

2020 is an enormous passage, filled with all sorts of transformation.

Join Michael Lennox and Janet Conner and discover how to dive in with your eyes and your heart wide open.


The forecast was recorded live. With your purchase, you'll receive access to the video recording, audio recording, and a PDF version of all slides used in the presentation with key dates for 2020.

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Janet Conner

Janet Conner is a prayer artist, deep soul explorer, field guide in The Mystic, and author of bestselling books including Writing Down Your Soul. On December 21, 2017, she woke hearing “Sophia’s Voice.” Two months later, the voice returned with “Prayer Artist.” Honoring her call to embody the Divine Feminine and explore the heart of prayer, she upended her writing and teaching life to create a whole new genre of post-patriarchal prayer and bring prayer to the world in brand new ways including videos, concerts, embodied prayer workshops, retreats, and short, focused prayer intensives. She closed her successful radio show “The Soul-Directed Life” to create a new kind of podcast: “Praying at the Speed of Love.”