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Episode 5: Kahu Lāhela Johnson

How does one become a kahu—keeper of the ancient Hawaiian Shamanic ways? Lahela Johnson shares her amazing childhood talking to plants, ocean, mountains, and animal spirits.

1st and only Original Prayer Weekend Retreat

Just as I am redefining prayer, it looks like I’m also redefining retreat. The Original Prayer Weekend Retreat is unlike any you have experienced.

Mary Magdalene’s mystical sacrament of anointing

The sacrament of anointing is all about the wholeness of love. It’s a prayer practice that floods your visible body with invisible love. It brings The Mystic, The Imaginal into the physical in a real, tangible, transformative way.

Episode 4: Mirabai Starr

Mirabai Starr and the Wild Mercy of the Divine Feminine

The Mary Magdalene we were never supposed to meet

Who was Mary Magdalene? This question has simmered below the surface for two thousand years. This is not a Mary Magdalene we were ever supposed to meet.

What would happen if you were unleashed?

There is a vital connection between creativity and mysticism. To make art is to make love with the sacred.

Episode 3: Meghan Don

Meghan Don meets Mary Magdalene

The Sabian Symbol for the new Lunar Year is…

New Year’s Eve (that’s lunar new year’s eve) was Thursday. The first day of the new lunar year was Friday. And Saturday was a lovely day to rest and digest and integrate this birth. And it was quite the birth, wasn't it!

The surprising relationship between the Moon and your health

The more aware you become of your body moving in rhythm with the natural phases of the Moon, the more elegantly you can move with, and align with, life.

Episode 2: Emma Kupu Mitchell

From praying in a cathedral in England to communing with sacred land in Hawaii, Emma shares her prayer journey.

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