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Today is the perfect day to begin a new relationship with Mother Moon

Yesterday was the first day of a new lunar cycle. And not just any lunar cycle. It is the first full lunar cycle of 2020. The last lunar cycle was born in the dark moon days of December 24, 25, 26. During those three days I received clear (if slightly terrifying and certainly breathtaking) instructions…

The Magdalene calls us to trust in Love again. But how?

When Meghan Don led us in our first meditation in the May intensive, Praying with and as Mary Magdalene, Meghan took us someplace. Someplace sacred and holy. Under the spell of Meghan’s gentle knowing voice, we dropped quickly into the mystical theta brainwave state, the veil between worlds opened, and Mary Magdalene walked in. The Magdalene…

Episode 21: Peter Booth

If your heart is hungry for love—big love, mystical love, life-altering love—this conversation with Peter Booth is for you.

Could Love be a brainwave?

This has been, and continues to be, an astonishing Solstice, Eclipse, new year/new decade moment. And it’s all culminating today in a conjunct of Pluto and Saturn that hasn’t happened in 500 years. What!? Five hundred years ago we were birthing the Renaissance. So now it looks like Pluto—the underworld, the unknown, the unseen, and…

The ORIGINAL power of prayer

Last week I shared what happened to me during the three days of the Dark Moon on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day—Dec 24,25,26. In that brief dot of time, I received a detailed description of a 9-book series about the return of the divine feminine in the form of MLV Dragon. MLV stands…

The Divine Voice loves to speak in the Dark

As this intense solstice season draws to a very pregnant and sacred close, I find myself called to be even more still, more silent, more open to the wisdom of Our Mother of the Dark. And thank goodness, because boy has she been talking!

The Astrology Forecast for 2020 is huge!

Happy Solstice! Do you feel it? Although our modern world gives a lot of names to various winter celebrations, you are right now being bathed in the dark light of the first and most primal celebration, the Winter Solstice. And your body knows it. You are designed to live in a world of ebbing and…

Episode 20: Strand Clark and Perdita Finn Part 2

Clark Strand and Perdita Finn take us on a deep dive into the Rosary to uncover her ancient mystical goddess secrets hidden in plain sight right under the nose of the patriarchal Catholic church.

What if what you want isn’t what you want at all?

If you’ve read my books, you’ve probably noticed that my understanding of and relationship to asking has changed. Dramatically. ASKING A decade ago, I believed what all the books and teachers on the so-called law of attraction taught: get clear about what you want, focus on it, smell it, taste it, see it, and it…

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