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Episode 8: Briana Saussy—finding magic in prayer

Questions sparked this juicy, funny, slightly erotic conversation between a magician and a prayer artist and created a new magical definition of prayer.

How to break through creative resistance

Writers are creators. And all creators share the creative process. Whether you are a musician, author, speaker, actor, dancer, chef, singer, weaver, gardener…there’s no end to this list…you are called to enter into an intimate relationship with the divine creative energy that has chosen YOU to express it.

Two Surprising Elements in a Mystical Practice You Will Love

This week I was blessed to record a very real conversation with Timothy Frantzich and Carin Vagle about their prayer lives. Something happened in that conversation that deepened how I think about, talk about, and personally experience deep soul writing.

Episode 7: Sofia—the music of prayer

A truly magical conversation about the mystical music of prayer.

The first ever Deep Soul Writing intensive!

After ten years of teaching soul writing, this is the first time I've offered it as a prayer intensive. And it is completely different from all my previous courses. It has to be. Because Prayer Artist changed everything. Including how I understand and teach deep soul writing.

What I learned from Mary Magdalene

I had other plans for today's post, but The Magdalen wants me to share what I learned. And make no mistake, when The Magdalen speaks, you obey!

Episode 6: Alessandra Belloni and the Black Madonna

This conversation transcends the word “conversation.”

Cherish your body through Original Prayer

My body is more than a temple for the divine, my body is divine. This is beyond an idea. This is a living sensation. A deep body knowing. You can’t learn that your body is holy, you feel it. And you feel it in your body. So how do you get there?

It’s my birthday—and the gift is for you!

I want to do something on my birthday that applauds my soul for making the outrageous choice to come into this world. So the gift is for you!

Dive into Prayer.

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