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Episode 26: Robert Corman

Meander through a mystical forest hand-in-hand with a wise and warm guide. Guest Robert Corman introduces us to a few of those guides and leaves us hungry for more, much more.

Can a pandemic be a pilgrimage?

Greetings precious friends from my home to yours, Everything has changed, hasn’t it? In a blink. How many days has it been since your world was completely upended? Here in the United States, the governors of most states, including my own, are still unwilling to acknowledge the public health reality that we simply must separate…

The Doctor Is In–a special event with Dr Christine Page

If you’ve been reading these Notes from the Field for a while, you know that Sophia, the name of the divine feminine for me, is not an idea. She is real. She is alive. She is present. And She is in constant communication. And not just with me. She longs for every one of us…

Episode 25: HeatherAsh Amara

Follow HeatherAsh's journey from Thailand and India back to the US where a dream changed her path to becoming a powerful author and teacher of the heart.

What chaos can teach us about HOME

On December 5, 2016, I was ushered into a room in dimensional time—a room neither Lauralyn Bunn (the brilliant Akashic Record consultant) nor I had ever been in before. The room was lit only by the flicker of tall candelabras. In the hush, I was ushered forward to a chair surrounded by masters and teachers—beings…

When fear is in the air, double down on this

When Movement and Mystery Initiation Artist Keren Brown and I talked this week about the wild vortexes of fear swirling everywhere, she reminded me of the powerful healing wisdom of the Dark Moon ritual that women have used since the beginning of time. As I listened to Keren, I realized I want to share what…

Episode 24: Neil Douglas-Klotz

Everything you think you know about the “Our Father” or “Lord’s Prayer” goes up in smoke as Dr Neil Douglas-Klotz guides us into the sound and meaning of the prayer in Aramaic.

The rosary has one BIG problem…

The rosary has a problem. A big problem. It’s the number one issue holding people back from picking up a rosary and trying it on for size. The problem is the opening prayer. You might know it as the “Our Father” or “The Lord’s Prayer.” If you were raised in any Christian church, it’s imprinted permanently…

A personal message from Our Lady

Whether you are conscious of it or not, we are now under the magical shadow of the Dark Moon. Saturday, was day 1 of the dark moon, the day we release our worries and fears into the ground to be received and transmuted by Mother Earth. Ever since I learned about the power of the…

Episode 23: Mark Nepo

In this intimate conversation, Mark invites us to feel what he felt singing the Torah and experience his grandmother’s living presence in a dream. There is wonder in every moment of this sacred conversation.

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