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The 5 prayers in the lost mystical tradition

I had a lot of plans for today’s Notes from the Field. In fact, I had so many delicious topics related to the labyrinth that I was having trouble picking what to write about in this last newsletter before we open a new prayer intensive on Tuesday. I thought I might talk about the labyrinth…

The labyrinth has a voice and she is speaking to you

Friends, soul writers, and lovers of prayer, The labyrinth has a voice. And I experienced it this morning. Here’s what happened. In the night, I saw myself stepping onto a labyrinth for my daily anointing practice. I didn’t write anything on the yellow pad that is always in bed with me, so I think I…

Episode 30: Amy Grossblatt Pessah

Prayer really comes alive in this conversation as we meander through the relationship with the divine as a relationship with a wise loving parent.

What will you discover in the Mother’s embrace?

Describing the first time she walked the labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral, Lauren Artress wrote: “I feel we had touched the Holy Spirit. Each of us had ventured to the center of our beings in the Chartres labyrinth that day. I received the embrace of Mary. I had, unknown to me at that time, ventured into…

What will you hear when you stop, really stop?

“The labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral is created out of 272 stones inlaid in the floor of the nave…each stone representing one day of human gestation in the mother’s womb.” Lauren Artress, The Sacred Path Companion   Friends, soul writers, and lovers of prayer, There is so much bubbling up right now. And I’ve had to…

Solstice and Eclipse and Dark Moon…oh my!

“This is the most important week of the entire year.”  Emma Kupu Mitchell Friends, soul writers, and lovers of prayer, This week has been extraordinary for everyone. Everywhere. And for many, it feels like too much. Too much unknown. Too much chaos. Too much betrayal. Too much exposed all at once. Too many dark truths…

Episode 29: Christine Valters Painter

This conversation with Christine Valters Painter is perfect for a time of pandemic and quarantine. Rich insights, a gentle mediation, and more await you!

Two gifts for you: “Breathe” and my birthday sale

“I can’t breathe” George Floyd Friends, soul writers, and lovers of prayer, Last Sunday I introduced the first Prayer Vigil with Kahu Lahela Johnson chanting Oli and leading us in Ho‛oponopono, the ancient Hawaiian prayer of forgiveness. I’ve written about how much I love this prayer for several years now. But, like all original ancient prayers that…

The perfect prayer for the 1st Prayer Vigil to “make love visible”

“We are all awakening to a new dawn, a sacred time to break the spell of slumber that has separated us from the Divine Goddess who breathes life into us, who nurtures and loves us unconditionally. We are urged to reclaim our sovereignty and authenticity, cut the cords of constraint and control, and take back…

Make Love Visible prayer practice Ho’oponopono

Explore Ho'oponopono for yourself, your ancestors, and the whole world. Kahu Lahela and Janet Conner invite you to join a global prayer intensive.

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