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Episode 14: Mallorie Vaudoise

Join Janet and her guest, Mallorie Vaudiose, as they discuss ancestors beyond their bloodlines and how to venerate them and receive their blessings!

Seeing yourself again—for the first time

That’s the way most of us walk through life. Scarred and scabbed but looking okay enough on the surface to just keep going—and going and going.

How to find your true center of gravity

As you explore the creative beauty of your womb, releasing all the restrictions placed there by patriarchal attitudes about blood, menstruation, childbirth and menopause, you’re going to find your true center of gravity.

Episode 13: Dr Christine Page

Join Dr Page and Janet as they discuss wombs, moon cycles, and embracing their dragon power.

Meet the woman who will awaken your goddess power

Healing your three wombs may be the most powerful, important and foundational work you will ever do as a woman and a mystic. We have forgotten how to do this but in Healing Your 3 Wombs we will re-member it.

2 gifts to start the MOVEMENT of healing

Your female body knows at some deep visceral level that your body is sacred. Your body is holy. You are the embodiment of divinity. How does your body know that? Simple. Movement.

Episode 10: Rabbi Tirzah Firestone

This intimate conversation with Rabbi Tirzah Firestone, author of Wounds into Wisdom, drops into a whole new place—a holy and sacred place.

Cleansing and clearing your powerhouse—your womb

The hour has come to cleanse and heal our wombs and resacralize our relationship with our bodies.But how, I wondered? I should have known Sophia was ahead of me, lining up the perfect teacher.

The mystical power of the gaze

The heart of radical prayer is forgiving everyone. Everyone. We begin by gazing. We gaze with love at those we find hard to love.

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