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Do you see your pattern of life and death?

This July is a wild one. Are you feeling it? Two new moons. Solar Eclipse. Lunar Eclipse. Six planets in retrograde. Even if you don’t pay attention to astrology, your body does.

Episode 9: Celeste Yacoboni

This gorgeous conversation will evoke your own prayer memories and it may well cause you to fall in love with prayer.

A Love Song for me and for you

There’s only one thing that is the same in all the stories. In the end, they’re all love stories. Love letters. Love songs.

The moon, soul writing, July, and you

I was called to offer a new way to learn soul writing, helping people to fall fast into The Mystic. And what a whole new way it is turning out to be!

How can answers come before questions?

I realized I had just received the ANSWER to an essential question, but it was a question I never asked. Not on the page. Not even in my mind.

Episode 8: Briana Saussy—finding magic in prayer

Questions sparked this juicy, funny, slightly erotic conversation between a magician and a prayer artist and created a new magical definition of prayer.

How to break through creative resistance

Writers are creators. And all creators share the creative process. Whether you are a musician, author, speaker, actor, dancer, chef, singer, weaver, gardener…there’s no end to this list…you are called to enter into an intimate relationship with the divine creative energy that has chosen YOU to express it.

Two Surprising Elements in a Mystical Practice You Will Love

This week I was blessed to record a very real conversation with Timothy Frantzich and Carin Vagle about their prayer lives. Something happened in that conversation that deepened how I think about, talk about, and personally experience deep soul writing.

Episode 7: Sofia—the music of prayer

A truly magical conversation about the mystical music of prayer.

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