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The Divine Voice loves to speak in the Dark

As this intense solstice season draws to a very pregnant and sacred close, I find myself called to be even more still, more silent, more open to the wisdom of Our Mother of the Dark. And thank goodness, because boy has she been talking!

The Astrology Forecast for 2020 is huge!

Happy Solstice! Do you feel it? Although our modern world gives a lot of names to various winter celebrations, you are right now being bathed in the dark light of the first and most primal celebration, the Winter Solstice. And your body knows it. You are designed to live in a world of ebbing and…

Episode 20: Strand Clark and Perdita Finn Part 2

Clark Strand and Perdita Finn take us on a deep dive into the Rosary to uncover her ancient mystical goddess secrets hidden in plain sight right under the nose of the patriarchal Catholic church.

What if what you want isn’t what you want at all?

If you’ve read my books, you’ve probably noticed that my understanding of and relationship to asking has changed. Dramatically. ASKING A decade ago, I believed what all the books and teachers on the so-called law of attraction taught: get clear about what you want, focus on it, smell it, taste it, see it, and it…

A Solstice gift to help bring your sacred desires to life in 2020

I have a special invitation for you that couldn’t come at a more perfect time—Solstice! We are all getting ready to create not just one new year, but a whole new decade, the decade of 4. I’m immersed in this myself, not only with the Lotus and Lily community that is getting closer to creating…

Episode 19: Clark Strand and Perdita Finn

How do an ex-Buddhist monk and a woman raised to be agnostic fall head over heels in love with the rosary? Meet Clark Strand and Perdita Finn in Episode 19.

Celebrating 5 years of the Divine Feminine with a gift for you in December

Five years ago yesterday, on December 1, 2014, I entered a 40-day and 40-night initiation. Only I didn’t know that is what was happening. Initiation was the last thing on my mind. I thought I was sick. As I was finishing leading The Lotus and The Lily community in the “Release Your Prisoners” meditation, I…

How the world looks through Theta eyes

Last week I talked a bit about the theta brainwave state as the brainwave of love. This is a nascent idea, not only to me, but to the world.

Is there a brain wave for love?

This is a question I have not pondered before. But it asserted itself this week. All day and all night this question kept tapping me on the shoulder.

Episode 18: Stephen Post

Janet and guest, Stephen Post, take a wild ride filled with mystery, love, and prayer. And we get to take it with him in God and Love on Route 80.

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