“There is a Voice inside you.
There is a Voice inside everyone.”

All my books are about connecting with the Voice of Love that resides in every one of us. In each of my books, I take you by the hand and walk with you along a path in The Mystic that I discovered. Each book guides you deeper and deeper into a intimate relationship with your own internal Voice of wisdom, guidance, and grace.


Writing Down Your Soul


The practice of deep soul writing in the theta brain wave state that activates your divine Voice.

My Soul

MSP 500x

Journal designed for soul writers. 

The Soul Discovery Coloring Book


Created with Christine Pensa. 5 fun ways to access your soul's wisdom.

The Lotus and the Lily

LAL 500x

The mandala prayer practice that transforms prosperity from asking for anything to living the fertile soil conditions in which a truly beautiful life naturally grows.

My Life Pages

MLP 500x

A companion journal for The Lotus and the Lily.

Soul Vows


The mystical prayer practice that shapes you, your life, and your world.

Find Your Soul's Purpose

FYSP Product Icon

The sacred spiral walk back in time and out of time that helps you remember who you really are and why you chose this life.

The Light of Love is somewhere in these letters
but I didn’t put it there
It moved in on its own
at the Speed of Love

from “The Speed of Love”