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The Creation Choir

When we pray, we connect with everyone who is praying and everyone who has ever prayed.
We become a community of souls—a human choir.

from “Sometimes I Pray”

Sometimes I am in you and you are in me
and together we create a prayer neither of us knew before—
a prayer we might never be able to replicate again

It’s the moment, this moment
and in this moment we are one spirit, you and I—
one heart, one being, remembering who we really are

With Janet Conner

What is The Creation Choir?

The Creation Choir is a unique global prayer community gathering to sing more love, grace, peace, and joy into our world.

Three things happen to us individually and collectively when we pray as a soul community:

  1. As each of us prays on our own, we experience, discover, and explore the mystical grace inherent in a prayer in our own hearts
  2. As we pray in our individual homes around the world, we are cosmically connected with all the other members of The Creation Choir, creating a unified mystical heart that amplifies our individual experiences and feeds one another in ways we cannot predict or direct
  3. When we gather face-to-face in a video room and pray together, we seed the grace each of us has received through that prayer—amplified through the mystical heart of the whole choir—deep into the earth to feed and nourish the mystical body of all life

This is how a collective of souls gathering as one small choir can change the world.

How does The Creation Choir work?

Each month, we will practice a new love song prayer seeded through Janet Conner, Prayer Artist. The prayer will be available on a private resource page as a video and pdf handbook. We’ll explore the prayer as individuals, noticing how it affects us, expands our hearts, and shifts our personal world. We’ll share our discoveries and questions in a private Facebook discussion group. Then, we’ll gather on the first Sunday of the month to pray our love song together, seeing Love spinning out from us in a sacred vortex that showers the whole world with love and grace.

A sample of some of the Prayer Practices:

There is Only 1 Aspen—inspired by the largest organism on earth, a giant Aspen grove in Utah that is actually only one being with one massive root system

Bury the Weapons—inspired by the Native American warrior who led 5 warring nations to bury their weapons and create the lasting peace of The League of the Iroquois, on which the US constitution was based

Blanket of the Angels—inspired by the angels through Margo Mastromarchi who asked that we spread a blanket of purple light over the world to magnetically lift anger and hate into the golden light of love


Members will receive

  • A new mystical prayer practice each month
  • Access to a special resource page with video and PDF handbook for each new prayer
  • Membership in a private Facebook discussion group
  • Live 90-minute gathering on 1st Sunday of every month on Zoom video platform
  • Video and audio recordings of all gatherings


$270 one-time registration fee for 2019 OR $33.00/month

Have questions? Contact Janet at or 727-772-1118 between 1pm and 5pm Eastern

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