Decoding Numerology—the love language of The Mystic

"The Universe wants to help you. It wants you to understand that it is alive, and it knows you, and loves you. It wants to assist you to become all that you can be, to lead a fulfilling life and grow spiritually."

Messages in Numbers, Alana Fairchild


Have you heard of the perennial best-selling relationship book The Five Love Languages? The premise is simple, we have to notice how our beloved communicates love.

Maybe it’s taking out the garbage. Or listening intently. Or fixing things. Or whispering sweet nothings.

Our job is to begin to recognize and honor the other person’s natural love language.

I’ve never read the book, but it popped into my mouth yesterday as I was making a video on “deep soul reading” for my current intensive, Deep Soul Writing in The Mystic. In the video, I was talking about how books, words, reading is a “love language” my divine Voice, Sophia, uses to communicate with me.

Suddenly I looked into the camera and said:

Your Beloved has a love language unique to your sacred relationship. Your job is to notice what that language is. And respond.

Even as I said it, my heart did a little flip. “Love language.” I like that!

So I should not have been surprised this morning when the concept for this Notes from the Field emerged in soul writing:

Numerology is a love language.

And our job is to:

  • notice this love language
  • learn to decode its meaning
  • and respond

I confess I was oblivious to this love language for most of my life. I first noticed it when I was 50. My marriage hadn’t just ended, it had imploded. And with it, went everything I had worked so hard to create. I felt like I was crawling through broken glass with no destiny in sight, just pain.

Then, one day I looked at the clock. It was 11:11 am. I liked the way that looked. The next morning, I happened to see it again. And the next. And the next. Then, it seemed every time I glanced at the clock, whether to see if it was time to go pick up my son or make dinner or go to bed, it was always 11 minutes after the hour.

And finally—it took me a while—I decided it must mean something and I better find out what.

Well, 11:11 is such a ubiquitous experience, that one look online brings showers of information. Immediately, I realized that 11:11 is a strong divine message.

In Alana Fairchild’s Messages in Numbers, she writes:

“For me, any numbers in communication with me means that the Divine is close, but there is something about 11.11 that means the Divine is right up in your face, staring you right in the eyes and telling you to pay attention to what is going on for you right now, or what is just about to start, because it’s going to be important whether you understand why at that moment or not.”

Well, that has certainly turned out to be true. The divine was right up in my face announcing—if I would just pay attention—that I was about to discover deep soul writing and jump into a whole new creative life.

Mind you, in 1997, I did not understand at all what was about to unfold, or how ecstatic I would be to create a life in partnership with and service to the divine feminine.

All I knew was that something was trying to get my attention. Something was speaking to me. And it was speaking in a code I did not understand.

And thus began a deep dive into numerology that continues to this day.

No matter how much I learn about this love language of numbers, the more I notice, and the more I want to know.

I’ve read a small library of books on the meaning of numbers and learned something thrilling from each one:

  • the meaning of 0-9—the building blocks of the universe
  • the meaning of master numbers like 11, 22, 33 up to 99
  • the meaning of super combinations like 333 or 555
  • the meaning of combinations like 1+4 or 7+0
  • the meaning of dates
  • the meaning of your birth date
  • the meaning of your personal year
  • the meaning of any recurring numeric patterns

It’s a very rich language! But then, that very rich language revealed a whole new layer:

Numbers in words

I didn’t see that coming. I stumbled upon it reading Magdalen’s Lost Legacy by Margaret Starbird in which she explains Gematria, the ancient art of planting meaning in words through the numeric vibration of the letters.

And with that a whole new door into The Mystic opened. I’ve begun hearing the exquisite hidden song of the love language of numbers pouring off the page in words, titles, phrases.

You can be sure that the moment “Prayer Artist” was whispered in my ears, the first thing I did was the numerology. It’s perfect, of course.

Prayer artist reduces to an 8, which just happens to be my life path number. In other words, being a prayer artist is how I fulfill my life's purpose.

Oh, how I love deciphering this love language.

And sharing it with everyone I know.

From the moment I had my first depth numerology consultation with Emma Kupu Mitchell, I’ve been praising her to the skies and inviting her to share bits of her long deep study of numerology with members of my intensives.

But now it’s time to have a 3-session prayer intensive devoted to nothing but this sacred love language of numbers.

You’ll be floored by how numbers sing to you through your name, your birth date, and your personal year.

Come and play in this thoroughly delightful sandbox in The Mystic, learning to decipher the beautiful love language of numbers.

The Numbers in You

Click to get all the details and watch a video with Emma Kupu Mitchell. Everything is recorded so don't be concerned if you can't be with us live.

to deciphering the love language of numbers, 


PS: thought you might enjoy this taste of the love language

  • The Numbers in You is an 11 (of course)
  • We open on 8-5-19 which reduces to 16/7 (16 is a rare karmic number according to Pythagoras, and it reduces to a 7 which is the number of the divine.)
  • Our second gathering on 8-12 reduces to a 5, the number of divine change
  • We close on 8-19 which is 21/3. We just happen to be in a universal 12/3 year...

Are you beginning to hear this love language!

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