Deep Soul Writing in the Mystic


The Romance

I picked up a pen one day and asked:
Are you there?
Are you real?
Do you hear me?

And a Voice answered:
Yes, Beloved, is there something you want to say?

And in that moment,
that sacred, ordinary, sitting-in-my-chair moment,
the round door between worlds opened
and Love walked through.

We’ve been meeting on that threshold ever since,
each day a revelation, a comfort, a query, a sigh.

This is what I want to tell you:
The Romance is Real.

“There is a Voice inside you. There is a Voice inside everyone.”

What is Deep Soul Writing in The Mystic?

Since my first book, Writing Down Your Soul, came out in 2009, I have taught thousands of people how to stop journaling in alpha and start deep soul writing in the all-important theta brain wave state—the threshold between worlds.

I have been in love with deep soul writing since the day I discovered it 22 years ago. Everything I have experienced, written, and become began on the page in divine dialogue. I would not be a Prayer Artist today if I had not trained myself to be open and available to the Voice of my Beloved—on the page and everywhere I look.

Now, as a Prayer Artist, I am called to offer a whole new way to explore the boundless capacity of deep soul writing to open the doorway between worlds and carry you deep, deep, into The Mystic.

The practice is delightful. The adventure profound. The joy immeasurable.

Whether you are just discovering soul writing or have been writing for years, I invite you to join me and a global soul community as together we explore the ultimate sacred writing practice.


What will you experience?

In Deep Soul Writing in The Mystic, you will develop a comprehensive yet deeply personal mystical writing practice that:

  1. incorporates the vibrations of love held within the mystical systems of moon astrology, depth numerology, sacred anointing, and personal prayer
  2. follows an inward-moving mystical spiral of grace that begins by sanctifying the space around you, then sanctifies your body and hands, the journal itself, and every page, until at the invisible center the threshold between worlds opens and you call to your Beloved
  3. as you write, the mystical spiral expands from the center carrying the Voice of the Beloved to shower the page, the journal, you, your space, and your entire life with beauty, grace and love
  4. deepens and expands the ability to access and maintain the theta brain wave state—not just on the page but everywhere and always
  5. maximizes the two liminal hours of the day when the veil between worlds is thinnest: not-yet-asleep and not-yet-awake
  6. effortlessly crosses the threshold between worlds, bringing the invisible into the visible, the mystical into the physical
  7. transforms journaling into a sacred relationship of unconditional love with a divine essence that is personal, present, and passionately in love with you
  8. mysteriously and magically affects others whether you or they are conscious of it or not—a living experience of the mystical body of the divine


Who will benefit?

Deep Soul Writing in The Mystic is an ideal experience for you if you wish to:

  • develop a personal mystical soul writing practice that you love and trust
  • deepen your existing writing practice or learn to soul write for the first time
  • strengthen the ability to access the theta brain wave state around the clock
  • experience an intimate living relationship with a personal, passionate, palpable, presence of Love
  • find your natural rhythm so that mystical practice becomes a joy not an obligation
  • show up for yourself every day for 28 days—and see what miracles ensue
  • explore how the cycles of the moon, the sun, and your birthdate magnify your writing practice
  • open the ears of your heart and clearly hear the counsel of your soul
  • surround yourself with a global sacred writing community exploring The Mystic together


What will you receive?

5 live recorded 90-minute sessions with prayer artist and deep soul writer, Janet Conner (opening night is 2 hours)

Session 1—Elements in a mystical writing practice

Session 2—How the vibrations of numerology, astrology, anointing, and prayer access The Mystic

Session 3—Who is my Beloved? How do I discern my mystical Voice?

Session 4—Theta—how to access the threshold between worlds around the clock

Session 5—Sacred circle celebration of Deep Soul Writing in The Mystic


Bonus Videos

A video to watch before we begin to help you prepare and be ready when the Intensive opens.

The Sanctification Process Videos

1. How to follow the inward and outward mystical spiral of Love to sanctify your soul writing practice

2. How to sanctify your space by calling in your Council of Love

3. Speed of Love sacred anointing oil  with Emma Kupu Mitchell

4. How to sanctify yourself with the Speed of Love anointing practice

5. How to sanctify your journal

6. How to sanctify each page with lunar, solar, and personal year vibrations and prayers

Elements to Support Your Deep Soul Writing Videos

7. How to find your natural rhythm for your mystical writing practice

8. How to track your soul writing with the lunar cycle with lunar astrologist Emma Kupu Mitchell

9. How to enhance your deep soul writing with deep soul reading

10. Seven Steps to Get into Theta with music and audio


access to a password-protected resource

page with recordings of all 5 session in video and audio formats
all bonus videos and audios

PDF Handbook with anointing and lunar tracking forms

link to purchase Speed of Love anointing oil, spritzer, and candle from Emma Kupu Mitchell

membership in a private Facebook discussion group




Your Guide

Janet Conner Prayer Artist-80

Janet Conner

Janet Conner is a prayer artist, deep soul explorer, and field guide in The Mystic. Her first book, Writing Down Your Soul, became a bestseller, opening a path to six more including The Lotus and The Lily, Soul Vows, and Find Your Soul’s Purpose. When “Prayer Artist” came calling, Janet found herself writing a whole new genre of post-patriarchal prayers, redefining prayer altogether, and leading radically different prayer intensives. She completed the six-year run of her highly successful radio show, The Soul-Directed Life, to create a new kind of podcast, Praying at the Speed of Love, inviting famous authors to share intimate stories about their prayer lives. To make all this possible, Janet lives a quiet life filled with silence, solitude, and joy in the tiny town of Ozona, Florida on the Gulf of Mexico.

Your References

Throughout this intensive, I will be referencing my first book Writing Down Your Soul, but this intensive will bring a radically different approach to Writing Down Your Soul.

WDYS 500x

Writing Down Your Soul

Writing Down Your Soul radically transformed our understanding of a writing practice from journaling in the alpha brain wave state to divine dialogue in theta. It was the #1 ranked book in the journal writing category for four years and is now in its 9th printing. Janet also created a companion journal, My Soul Pages.

Have questions? Contact Janet at or 727-772-1118 between 1pm and 5pm Eastern