Note from Janet Conner:

I was awakened in the night with a clear directive to create this unusual live special event with Dr. Christine Page. After reading her superb book, The Healing Power of the Sacred Woman, I knew I had to interview her for my Praying at the Speed of Love podcast. After the show, I began to follow her 3-day Dark Moon Ritual each lunar cycle. On the third day, you receive an inspiration, a creative gift. I am now on my 7th dark moon cycle, and each month, without fail, I have received an astonishing gift, one I could not have asked for or even imagined. So, I know intimately the beauty and power of Dr. Page’s work. I am thrilled to offer this rare opportunity to sit with this brilliant holistic physician so we can dive together into all aspects of our current global epidemic. We are hungry now for all facets of information: What is this virus? How can we protect our health? How can we look more deeply into this situation to perceive the deeper meaning and possibilities that lie before us? And what kinds of spiritual practices and daily habits keep us healthy?

We are so blessed that this very special Doctor is In our global virtual office.

Dr. Christine Page MD qualified as a doctor over 40 years ago and is an expert in Holistic Medicine. She was engaged in the treatment & education about the AIDS epidemic even before AIDS had a name. Dr. Page has a deep understanding of epigenetics as articulated by Dr. Bruce Lipton and psychoneuroimmunology, the radical discoveries of Candace Pert. Being a bridge-builder between orthodox and complementary medicine for both healthcare workers and the lay public, she has extensive knowledge on therapies available for the wellbeing of mind and body.  But she brings something else to the table that is of great importance and meaning. She is the author of The Healing Power of the Sacred Woman, the groundbreaking book on the natural healing ability of the feminine body and how our bodies are in constant alignment and communication with the wisdom of the earth and the moon.

As well as being a holistic doctor, Dr. Page uses her natural intuitive skills to bring true healing and wholeness to those who seek her advice during her telephone consultations known as soul readings. She also travels worldwide training women on practices to connect with their divine feminine energy in the earth in the moon. She teaches the very powerful Dark Moon Ritual to release, reconnect, and receive creative inspiration every lunar cycle.

We are blessed to get to sit with Dr. Christine Page on the Zoom video platform for two pre-recorded 90-minute sessions. The first hour Dr. Page will teach, then after a short break, there will be time for your questions and answers and conversation about prayer and spiritual practice.

Topics will include:

  • What is the nature and purpose of a virus?
  • How is a virus a piece of information and what do we do with that information?
  • Why do some people get sick? And others not?
  • What surprising emotion is at the core of this viral disease?
  • Why is this virus impacting the lungs and kidneys and how can we support lung and kidney health?
  • How can we support gut health and our entire immune system?
  • What holistic remedies does Dr. Page recommend?
  • What is the role of belief and fear in illness?
  • Why do male and female bodies react differently to social isolation?
  • What does epigenetics tell us about the ability of the body to get sick or to heal?
  • What does psychoneuroimmunology teach us about the deep body-mind-soul connection?
  • Why is it essential to clear old stories and fear out of our bodies and how can we do that?
  • What is the role of spiritual practice and prayer in health?
  • What kinds of spiritual practices and prayer are particularly effective in this situation?
  • And more!

Each session has written transcripts as well!



A 50-minute appointment with Dr. Page is $220. The value of two 90-minute sessions with Dr. Page is $792!

Our registration is a wee fraction of that.

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Janet Conner Prayer Artist-80

Janet Conner

Janet Conner is a prayer artist, deep soul explorer, field guide in The Mystic, and author of bestselling books including Writing Down Your Soul. On December 21, 2017, she woke hearing “Sophia’s Voice.” Two months later, the voice returned with “Prayer Artist.” Honoring her call to embody the Divine Feminine and explore the heart of prayer, she upended her writing and teaching life to create a whole new genre of post-patriarchal prayer and bring prayer to the world in brand new ways including videos, concerts, embodied prayer workshops, retreats, and short, focused prayer intensives. She closed her successful radio show “The Soul-Directed Life” to create a new kind of podcast: “Praying at the Speed of Love.”


Christine Page 1

Christine Page, M.D.

Receiving her medical degree from the University of London in 1978, Dr. Christine Page has been a pioneer in the field of holistic healthcare, especially for women. As a charismatic speaker, natural intuitive and wisdom keeper, she’s been called a mystical physician, seeing herself as a bridge-builder whether between different healing modalities or states of consciousness.

During her medical career, Dr. Page engaged in many fields of healing, specializing in pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology. In the mid-1980s, aware that true healing means focusing on wholeness - body, mind, and spirit - not mere fixing, she formed one of the first integrative health centers in Britain and later created a highly successful homeopathic holistic practice in London. Deeply involved in learning ways to enhance the immune system during the AIDS epidemic, she’s spent many years teaching internationally on related subjects such as soul-centered health, epigenetics, psychoneuroimmunology and complementary therapies.

As an inspiring media spokesperson, she co-hosted a popular radio show in London for 5 years. Traveling the world, she offers talks, seminars and online courses to health professionals and the public alike, on subjects such as women’s empowerment, enhancing intuition, listening to the wisdom of the body, stepping into mystery and tapping into the Earth’s mysteries.

She is the author of nine books, including Frontiers of Health, the Handbook of Women’s Mysteries and her latest Heart of the Great Mother focusing on how to enter the new world of peace and unity that awaits us.