How to break through creative resistance

As I write this, I am flying home from the first Speed of Love prayer concert in Minneapolis with the beautiful musicians in Sofia.

If you missed my conversation with Timothy Frantzich and Carin Vagle of Sofia on Praying at the Speed of Love, do listen to Episode 7 and then read my blog on June 9 to see all the gifts that episode brought me—and you.

Today, I am happy to share something inspiring and oh-so-fun with you.

It’s intended for writers, professional writers. Writers struggling to get that book or script or play out of their heart and onto the page.

BUT—and this is very important but. I do NOT think this online event is of value ONLY to writers.

Oh no. Writers are creators. And all creators share the creative process. Whether you are a musician, author, speaker, actor, dancer, chef, singer, weaver, gardener…there’s no end to this list…you are called to enter into an intimate relationship with the divine creative energy that has chosen YOU to express it.

This is a sacred relationship. A sacred calling. A sacred commitment.

So why do we struggle so to let the music, the words, the colors flow through our hands into the world? Why do some people start a book but stop midway? Why do some musicians compose songs in their bedroom but never perform them? Why do magnificent creative beings hide their light under the bushel—to use a rather famous analogy.

Is it:

  • Resistance
  • Sense of not being good enough
  • Perfectionism
  • Self-doubt
  • Fear of rejection
  • Listening to all those loud internal critics
  • Feeling it’s too late

All of these feelings are normal—and I have experienced every bloomin’ one of them. When I first began writing prayer/poems in my divorce, I was awakened almost every night by loud critical voices mocking me: You think you’re a writer! Ha! No one is ever going to publish you. No one. Who do you think you are?

And that bit about it being "too late." You'll get nowhere with me on that one. I was 60 when my first book came out, and 70 when I said yes to being a prayer artist and started writing a whole new genre of prayers. And I'm 71 today (yes, today) as I celebrate my first prayer concert.

So when my friend Dawn Montefusco, Life Coach for Writers, invited me to speak in her wildly creative, perhaps even revolutionary, video series to help people get their writing mojo back in flow, I yelped with joy even though, I had no time to do it. None.

I did it anyway.

Because nothing makes me happier than helping creative beings step into their soul’s sacred calling and bring their medicine to the world.

In truth, those gifts aren't actually yours; they are “sacred medicine” and the world needs your medicine.

Let me say that again: The World Needs Your Medicine.

In crazy synchronicity, the night before my recording with Dawn, I happened to watch a roundtable discussion with Alicia Keys, Farrell Williams, Justin Timberlake, Sting, Tori Amos and other world class musicians talking about their creative experiences.

Why did I watch that long conversation? It wasn't like I didn't have things to do! But my body clearly told me to stay in the chair. And boy, am I glad I did.

Because the next morning in deep soul writing as I went over what inspired me from the musicians, I suddenly downloaded a model that illustrates how creativity works.

When I showed it to Dawn, she was thrilled with this simple, clear explanation of how we get in our own way.

Turns out there are 4 essential elements in the creative process starting with creating a daily open space to receive. This is the heart of the creative process. You have to make yourself available.

The rest of my model shows that if you're focused on the wrong aspect of the creative process, you miss the natural flow.

And that book or song never gets written.

I think my simple 4-part image fits all creative people, but you’ll have to watch my interview with Dawn and decide that for yourself.

Ultimate Writer's Sesries

The Ultimate Writers’ Series

Join me, Dawn, and 20 great writing teachers including Andrew Harvey and Tama Kieves, as we all help one another move through resistance and into the creative work we are here to do.

The event is costs nothing, just click to register. It opens on June 24 and this will be your only invitation. My conversation with Dawn airs on June 25.

to stepping into that delicious joy-filled river of creativity


PS: the most important element in my creativity model is a daily practice in which you make sure you are open and available. And THAT is what Deep Soul Writing in The Mystic is all about. We open soon, July 2. And we're already half full. Please register today.

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